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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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F CONSULTATION CONVENTION. 9 John E. P. Heard, Ilolmes, Esq., Dr. W. W. J. F. Gaines. Nicholson, Esq., R. H. Hubbard, Rev. Adjourned to 7:30 p. m. WEDNESDAY EVENING SESSION. E. ^ L. The Martin president to lead called in prayer. the Convention to order and requested Rev. On motion, it was voted that in discussing the program the gentle¬ man the paper opening be restricted shall have to whatever five minutes, time he and wishes, that and those discussing the discussion of one subject "■'National be restrictel aid to to education" 30 minutes after the opening C. T. It Walker: has been well said was ably discussed as address. follows by government depends greatly prosperity that upon the the safety intelligence and well-being of the Rev. general people sus of 1880 and and shows by the perpetuation that people—demands there of its citizens. Like the could not write. One of a government were 3,500,000 a well million white adults white instructed like who persons ours—of cannot citizenship. in the write. this people, country That The for there that cen¬ the are cannot lias tistics 3,600,000 a population shows write, colored that and of in 1,033.151 1,543,180. the persons in the United States over 10 years every there cannot are live write, 6,239,958 in South which people Carolina is colored male persons who cannot write. great and city she of has New 169,505 York who there cannot is only write. about of who this one-eighth cannot country write. above of our The the entire last age population, census of ten of age Georgia who The sta¬ one voter to years, shows and that who that 4,715,359, bama white. Georgia has North or 120,858 has 75 145,087 per Carolina illiterate cent illiterate of has voters. these 145,000 voters illiterates and illiterate 116,516 are in voters. of the these recent are South slave colored Carolina states. and 28,571 Ala¬ has er 117.000. ed. tion remedy 1,354.974 them. telligence Men of who This of weakness, Ignorance this must Mississippi illiterate are shows to know country. clothed be the the the voters destroys their bane has vast education with There 111,545 rights of in ignorance the society, manhood, this power of and must illiterate country the the of the be masses. of creates a required large franchise a and mother voters. remedy 944,424 a number Ignorance of Louisiana of that of 102,932. There are for bigotry this is the number the and malady voting prolific superstition. are and popula¬ moth¬ color¬ the should possess amount dead mind. of manhood It sufficient in¬ to demand produces manipulated. effect of crime, pauperism and misery. The ignorant is easily is an evil that slavery the duty of the The which colored was man a is curse not responsible for his ignorance; deluded it is It and the doing they national congress to legislation states are cial inability, appropria'e gence good government and for of citizenship; all of will do more to build up pass an upon the intelligent Blair our national educational citizenship escutcheon. bill, than for is by so the unable that could to move enacted the illiteracy generation. existing them Inasmuch on account the several finan¬ its integrity national citizens. the how and general important are aid since George essential dispel government our that government this the the illiteracy. government honorable couldn't made success, Since should no up nobler and provide the true permanence service individuality that than intelli¬ Adams favored national support Washington, Thomas education, and Mr. Jefferson Washington and instruction said: John "In proportion universally essential that as admitted the public structure that opinion well be government instructed enlightened." people gives James force alone public opinion, "It Madison can permanently said: a and free left people." every thing When ruin, Napoleon and destitution, passed over the Prussia leaders like called sweeping the people tornado, to-> gether decided to devise educate plans the for people, their the restoration masses, all happiness the people, and prosperity. and They Prussia has become most powerful country and humbled the successor result conqueror. and the the Queen devastation national Eegent The government to south provide Spain, has instruction not rendering sufficiently emancipating for assistance. her revived youths, the Cuban Our from hence government, the the ravages importance war unlike slaves, who gave

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