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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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for establishing a technological school, to be supported by the State, from the money of the tax—payers of the State. for white children, and a failure to establish a like one for the colored children of the State, the same being contrary to every principle of honesty and faithful stewardship of public servants.

The president announced the appointment of the following


On Jury System—J. W. Lyons, C. C. Wimbish, P. O. Holt, H. Watts, P. W. Wingfield, S. B. Morse, J. W. Upshaw, Manuel Persons, Henry Rudisell, Wm Brooks, Henry Coleman, E. J Tatum, II. M. Williams, J. W. Jones, R. S. Lovinggood, G. W. Bentley.

On Penitentiary System—Hons. A. Wilson, Ishmael Lonon, L. Crawford, J. F. Long, W. A. Pledger, Revs. E. P. Holmes, N. J. McCombs, Kitt Williams, L. Solomon, Capt. A. F. Hawkins, A. W. Burnett, C. J. Beason, W. R. Gray, G. W. Byran, Whitman Chapman.

On Education—Revs. E. K. Love, E. J. Fisher, W. H. Smith, E. W. Walker, Derry Murden, Dr. A. E. Williams, Hamilton Brown, R. S. Lovinggodd, J. Sinton, John W. Marlow, J. S. White, J. A. C. Dixon, H. J. T. Hudson, Ned McWhorter, J. W. Jones, B. H. Huff.

On the Ballot—W. A. Pledger, Revs. L. S. Smith, E. J. Fisher, T. J. Hornsby, G. W. Grinage; James A. Sykes, R. M. Logan, A. S. Beasley, P. Andrews, W. R. Young, R. C. Smith, Seaborn Brazel, Prof. A. Graves.

On State Organization—John T. White, Hon. A. Wilson, Dennis F Douglass, T. M. Dent, Rev. C. T. Walker, T. M. Robinson, John H. Brown, John Heard, F. H. Hutcherson, H. M. WIlliams, Rev. C. H. Brightharp, J. W. Marlow, P. T. Grant, Daniel Grant, B. H. Huff, Squire Owens, C. C. Clarke, Wm. Smith, T. T. Thomas, J. E. Drake, D. L. Solomon, Rev. D. Murden.

On State Agriculture Associaiton, Fairs and other Industries—Maj. S. W. Easley, Jr.,Hons. Nathan Toomer, L. Crawford, Rev. D. McHorton, Isaiah Ellington, J. W. Searles, Rev. E. D. Jennings, Jos. Levell, A. S. Thurman, W. F. Bailey, P. Andrews, B. T. Harvey, Thomas Thomas, John Glenn.

On Lynch Law—Rev. L. Solomon, Robert Odom, Wesley Paschal, F. F. Dellum, P. H. Lee, R. Jackson, Cyrus West, George Lewis, J. M. Gibson, A. T. Turner, Jackson Eldridge, S. B. Burgess, Revs. George Banks, C. Barker, A. D. Simmons, Wm. Williams.

On County Chain—gang—Rev. J. M. Bunn, J. J. Lee, J. W. Williams, D. Brown, Rev. J. D. Donaway, L. Jordan, J. E. Tripp, Nelson Lowe, M. D. Dennard, Rev. M. E. DeLaney.

On Railroad Discriminations— Rev. S. C. Upshaw, Robert Henry, Revs. L. Solomon, D. Murden, R. Taylor, D. Lewis, J. D. Reid, S. Paschal, Rev. Jolly Thomas, Rev. R. Scott Joseph Jones, Rev. C. T. James, W. Chapman, F. Kellum, Rev. E. L. Martin.

On Temperance—B. T. Harvey, Esq., Rev. W. G. Johnson, T. L. Searles, Rev. Lewis Williams, Isham W. Wood, S. H. Hamilton, J. H. Brown; Rev. T. B. Steward, Ellis Lewis, Prof. A. Graves, Rev. S. C. Upshaw, Bishop H. M. Turner

On Resolution—Rev. J. B. L. Williams, Capt. J. A. Sykes, Hon. A. Wilson, Capt. J. W. Lyons, Capt. C. C. Wimbish, Rev. C. Max Manning, Col. W. A. Pledger, Rev. Lewis Williams, Prof. A. Graves, J. T. White, Esq., B. T. Harvey, Esq., A. W. Burnett, Esq., R. S. Lovinggood, Esq., Maj. S. W. Easley, Jr., Rev. C. H. Brightharp, Rev. J. C. Bryan, Prof. T. M. Dent, Rev. E. K. Love, Rev. W. H. Smith, Hon. Ishmael Lonon, P. O. Holt, Esq., J. W. Marlow, Esq.,

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