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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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                     MINUTES OF CONSULTATION CONVENTION.                  7    

patriotic and wise, and that Senator Blair is worthy of our confidence, love and praise, and that the same are hereby tendered.

Rev. W. H. presented the following resolutions, where were referred to the committee on resolutions:

As it is the design and purpose of this Convention here met, to formulate and put into execution, some plans for the further uplifting and bettering the condition of our people, and as there are here gathered together some of the brightest stars and most intellectual minds in the State of Georgia for the same; be it

Resolved. 1st. That it is the sense of this Convention, that committees be formed in each and every county in the State of Georgia for the purpose of forming clubs, to be known as clubs of union, and that they be taught unity.

2nd, That the clubs have presidents, vice-presidents, secretaries, board of managers, and a treasurer, and that members of said clubs pay in monthly, or quarterly, such sum or sums as shall be designated by each club, and such money shall be deposited in some safe place or bank, until enough shall have been paid in to warrant an outlay in lands or other materials for the benefit of said members.

3rd, That said clubs have some one in the county, and invite others when practicable, to lecture from time to time on unity, and the betterment of the race.

4th, That each club, for its own maintenance, and the good of the race, loan money to its members on small interest, or to buy provisions, and let them have them to run farms, and take a lien on said farms, where it does not come in contact with the owners of the land: and where this is the case, then upon such materials, as will secure the club against loss.

5th, That each club be instructed to teach by practice, precepts and examples, and to cultivate among our people everywhere, as a race, self-respect, race pride, and confidence in each other, whereby good may come to the race from them who now hiss and scorn us as a race, on account of color and previous condition.

The following resolutions were presented by Maj. S. W. Easley, Jr., and referred to the committee on resolutions:

Resolved, That this Convention will, before it shall have adjourned, organized a State Agricultural Association, having for its aims and objects the giving of annual State Fairs, exhibiting the mechanical genius, agricultural productions, industrial pursuits, and professional advancement of the colored people of the State. The organization shall consist of a president, general secretary, a treasurer, ten vice presidents, one from each congressional district, who, with the president, shall constitute the executive board. The order of vice-presidents shall be from the first congressional district to the tenth; the one from the first shall be the first vice-president, and so on. Each vice-president shall organize his district into county clubs, with a president, and with as many vice-presidents as the club may desire, and a secretary and treasurer. The executive board shall issue monthly, an agricultural journal. The membership shall be from the following occupations: Farming, Mechanics, or professors of trades, in which genius is required.

On motion, a committee of five, as follows, was appointed to prepare a program of subjects for discussion: D.F. Douglass, Esq., Revs. J.C. Bryan, T. E. Turner, W G. Johnson, D.S. Harris.

The president called the attention of the body to the fact that each delegate had been requested to contribute one dollar, and urged that the request be complied with, as this was the only way to meet the expenses connected with the calling and holding of this meeting.

It was moved and carried that a committee on financ be appointed. The president appointed finance committee as follows: Nelson Lowe, Esq., chairman, Rev. T. M. Robinson, Rev. C. Max Manning, A.A. Gordon, Esq., chairman, Sheppard Peak, Esq.

Major S.W. Easley, offered the following resolution and requested that it go to Committee on Education. (So ordered.)

Resolved, That we condemn the act of the legislature of 1886 and 1887;

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