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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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Current Saved Transcription [history]

F CONSULTATION CONVENTION. better race can way be by elevated, which his people save by could economy, be elevated unity, than sobriety by sobriety and ; virtue. no We we do must this, protect we will the never virtue see of our women, success as above things, and unless race. We must learn look out for number one. We do not mind stepping upon harmless worm, to the Rev. world, but C. we T. take must Walker care not said not step that on step us, 011 as rattlesnake. race, We must show perance, The and motion not take of Capt. up prohibition Lyons, for we will bite. he was any willing political use sense. the word tem¬ not appoint temperance com¬ mittee was lost. The motion to appoint committee on temperance, was put and unanimously hibition in political adopted, sense upon would an agreement not that the question pro¬ inserted, but that the com¬ mittee Rev. treat E. on K. moral Love methods of extending temperance. presented the following resolutions, which were referred not bled best that citizen English money, to and Co-operative to joined they in among conspires accomplished my, tation and each on can It discourage, we detrimental unite practically for ever children, is be his such business own which control Resolved, 4th, 2nd, 3rd, do Whereas, Whereas, purchase virtue, respect, in means death this are man formed, and grave. great between upon more should us. the the education, solid nothing, individually That That to That comes whose put work we protecting shroud, city frown the to thing or but make to the privilege him enterprises, in recognition, Stores, arid and Real by we our be we be 1st, Sell we manhood. clamor. the one Negro white Many Past voting just under fathers committee employed clothed oppose we individually, urge praiseworthy urge operate race. That the Macon, practical down weak, and Estate the year, people and do. methods as will great. each of men to trade, Negro our and can accumulating our everything though are vote, That legal this sell the If than control ignorant, right, upon and educational Co-operative and and other never people, knowledge, refined, endeavor white, representative and the condemnation on his we Convention, have Convention we There or which race we the Mercantile as Negro women and he basis, resolutions Negro illegal cradle when handle take nothing, will will have elevation no and felt we he poor failed would influential every we to do do people the may we women, no cannot imposed matters, accomplished do all amalgamation, that Farms, and whether the and property, perfect would all nothing, to place Associations all that will good regard privilege rise, for our need. in men upon demand the money divided swaddling can our the get and be not and he Loan our race our elevation reason upon, supporting forced be the and great. power it. closer the That purpose industry, has we disparage, that race, the power the with great, people. collectively these. by giving and respect the and For and acquisition will why clothes, Negro Negro we the or that wherever union to and which buy By making Trust until otherwise, regard as urge be break ballot the education Therefore birth the our form, the to this and everything treat considering from race has nothing nothing, of and Negro we win an we Associations, our race people great, newspapers recognition up to and means, our to and are lightly and American his unite will as race for his 20 spend. co-habi¬ was bastard we assem¬ fatally saving should can be econo¬ people cradle when¬ years. and cause coffin unite them good unite until that that and will the en¬ we or, be great, every of our town, the women—even women city and must locality, those be pure. and Therefore, we be pledge ghastly cultured, ourselves influential to unite and in white people who call us who do protect not want with to be protected. courage, For some the virtne of the impure, have power. helped make us so. To lands 5th, could That scarcely we condemn excel. be virtuous to lynching We feel that as lawless the good and citizens barbarous, could such as heathen lessness 6th, That they we would. pray the We passage are sure that the Blair can educational be stopped. bill, stop this law¬ as being just,

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