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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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TION CONVENTION. 5 A resolution was adopted that all resolutions be referred to appro¬ priate Maj. committees S. WT. Easley without offered debate. the following resolution, which was re¬ ferred to committee 011 resolutions: Whereas, the full possession nites guaranteed of unwise its Whereas, citizens, and impolitic; a In a of convention alike In a country an equal where enjoyment to all of its government but all creeds, of the subjects, colors rights, and individuals are in of any particular without class, privileges a restriction color or creed, to and a would portion i/rrnu- be partial fails to true government promise guarantee of or "equal to and a protect portion and exact its of where citizens its justice citizens the in before law the are and fundamental the deprived its law," administration of of principles the all gives a men and full privi¬ of all leges scribed and citizens" immunities under of the a more circumstances, fortunate class, is justified, then a conference and cannot of be the looked "pro¬ upon Resolved, as diawing That a line the of partial color laws, or creed. particularly It is therefore is a justification The committee for this on Convention. enrollenient the school laws, of Georgia, made report showing about 350 delegates John from T. White, all parts Esq., of the moved state. that the president appoint a commit¬ tee the 011 colored State voters Organization, of the state. to submit The to motion this body prevailed. a plan for organizing The committees were fixed at eleven, and the privilege given the president Maj. to S. increase W. Easley them moved if he that wished. committees be appointed by the road presiden; ry; ty, State the Capt. Discriminations. Jury Fairs, on J. Education; System W. of the Georgia; County Chain-Gang; the Ballot; a State the Agricultural State Penitentia¬ Socie¬ and other industries; Temperance; Resolutions; Rail¬ Lyons opposed the appointment of a committee on bition. own Temperance harmony He regarded as by this introducing wrould it as necessarily unwise the question for introduce this Convention prohibition, the question to endanger upon of Prohi¬ which subject He regarded thei*e the are matter differences unity opinion importance, cannot be secured. and no subject We cannot, should he that cannot here reconciled. this said, introduced body afford where have the division unity very greatest action this He body moved where that the all whole committees colored people named, Georgia appointed, have except much committee stake. journment appointing on temperance. for this dinner, committee, "While WEDNESDAY and the the Harvey, Esq., was speaking favor president announced the hour body adjourned AFTERNOON. o'clock. The President called the Convention order o'clock. The body was led remarks on the prayer temperance the motion Capt. Lyons, tion he came, not talk Hon. Wilson. resolution. Col. Mr. W. about and rights said that which coming we Harvey Pledger resumed favored this Conven¬ possess, but about those things which we are entitled to, but not get. This not prohibition hibition, involve motion the and question convention. would was made not prohibition He object lay the not question opposed temperance political temperance, sense temperance report that but committee did pro¬ not on the Rev. table. E. K. This Love motion said that was lost. understood this Convention aim at t*ie elevation the colored people Georgia that knew no

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