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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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bill or one of like import. I refer you to the resolutions of Augusta in of a monument reference to our colored to the soldiers Grant memorial who adopted by were fund, killed and in the late war.


Prof. Whereas. Craig It is arose a well and known offered fact the to following all intelligent resolutions: people men Whereas, took a prominent It is also part a well-known in the war between the stales, and that colored valor, the colored troops cause: therefore be fact that by did it much for the achievement of their victory courage and the the to raised of some courageous take the proposed United Resolved, Resolved, Events plan by Union; some the to States and steps Colored cause transpiring colored and That That world to be whereby our the we the it Convention also colored people further memory call a monument to people upon of to contribute those be the of held Georgia shall of above in their to Macon, be for hereby respectfully Ga.; .January erected by the the national request race who died in the Negroes 25th, defense 188H of named Convention the fund that memory is to adopt now being but lead every people renowned in our of the hero, state United General during States Ulysses the to the of that S. Grant. past few years there is a rapidly element of the thoughiful colored white growing citizens determination of could man to a realization of the fact that the state to on ignore the part in of a large the controling measure^ the rights, privileges and immunities of the colored citizen. The gen¬ eral have clared policy that to Senators recognition of the state Blair which is and to ignore is Pugh, due the them. when claims taking Mr. of Cogin, the testimony colored of Augusta, people on capital de¬ to and labor, that he did not regard the colored full American citizens, and in people doing so, he as people have been slow to accept. bers as nine to ten' with expressed Though a the truth colored which the colored the white population population num¬ of the state,, the the white colored people men have of so many manipulated of the benefits the policy of citizenship. of the state It as is to not deprive nec¬ essary for me to many, tion to and make well-known known enumerate the to to the you. white grievances I regard which we have, it as the duty people of Georgia, the for they are of this Conven¬ wrongs which we wish should be righted, done, not and in harsh the grievances or unkind which language, we but wish plainly, abated. strongly, This their earnestly. influence The and colored their men votes ed and just of which we state organization must do more of to the be state used conjointly should in with my the opinion fair mind¬ unite white are at now this people through wrongfully meeting of which the than state deprived. the make for end the fine sought To securement speeches, do may this be we of and reached. must those pass have things good We a resolutions. work. man We must organize. Organize Self preservation ever hopes to be a full, is the free first citizen law of nature, colored and men, if the and colored go to of Georgia, he must unite his power otherwise, in the he tian men and use will ministers of never the ballot, of get. the gospel. This so as body to compel It is is that recognition which made up largely a good of Chris¬ of the people earnestness to both temporal our deliberations, sign for all classes of consult and Georgia spiritual for the when leaders. welfare these of Let men those us come invoke of whom together we are with largely, deep that whatever is done may redound the people, The hours and of the meeting glory of God. were fixed at 9 a. m., 3 divine guidance in to the good of all m., and 7:30 p. m. Adjourning at 1 p. p. m., 5p. m., and 10:30 p. m.

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