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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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MTNUTES OF CONSULTATION CONVENTION. 3 devotional Manning exercises. After singing and reading a chapter, Oapt. offered J. a fervent prayer Rev. C. M. 011 enrollment. W. Lyons moved that a committee Lyons, Motion Chairman; adopted Major and committee W. Easley, appointed A. of ten be appointed as follows

Capt. J W. Logan. Esq., Capt. Combs, Rev. E. P. Holmes, Hawkins, H. John*Heard, Brown, Esq., Burnett, Esq., Rev. Esq., Douglass, Mc- W. M. Esq. A recess of 15 minutes was taken to allow the committee time to make For president. The The up their committee body was report. called to nominate order permanent the expiration officers reported the recess. W Easley, Rev. Atlanta; W. White, as follows: vannah; for secretaries, Max On Manning, motion of Acworth. Rev. 2nd A. W. C. T. Augusta; for vice-president, vice-president, Burnett, Esq., Rev. Atlanta Walker, the report was Maj. Love, Sa¬ and Rev. amended by striking substituting out the the name name Maj. Rev. W. Easley Williams, for 1st vice-president and the name the name of of J. Rev. H. E. Brown, K. Love Esq., for 2nd Savannah. vice-president The report and LaGrange; substituting the com¬ also mittee as amended was unanimously adopted. chair. Convention Thomas, The The president amid Esq., president-elect, enthusiastic appointed Jones Co., Rev Capt W. conduct White, Wimbish, the president Atlanta elect and the the chair spoke as follows applause. The president was introduced upon taking the which Gentlemen feel for the this Convention:—I expression cannot express you the gratitude your continued confidence myself, Through and my devotion your best interests and welfare, to elevate years and lift have up my assiduously people. labored the labors through which sunshine have and put storm forth to have the representative colored men Georgia meet and consult than gether, to advance have had the interest my mind the no colored other man object, Georgia, purpose, and desire the doing will be advanced. which the interest Born upon every Georgia man soil, this claim grand the old right empire state call her Georgia bosom. mine, Believing and hold with Georgia all my heart sacred reverence any son that the time has come when the true colored men Georgia should unite for the purpose help¬ ing fected the That Savannah most themselves them, wide-spread important to the regard Chattahoochee reference interest meeting this meeting has been and number colored from aroused, many men the matters mountains that ever respects the that held people likely especially the the from north prove state. the to the everglades the southern boundary Georgia have been awak¬ ened, proven the j>resence here nearly four hundred the most not be representative regarded as egotistical men from parts presenting the state. my views trust shall what re¬ gard ored men the necessary of Georgia action take for this the Convention first place, the would representative state that col¬ we ought that to confine matters our belonging action matters Georgia, that with pertain the single our home exception affairs, petitioning the United States Cong

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