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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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ES OF CONSULTATION CONVENTION. John H Deveaux S W Easley, Jr.,. Editor B John J T T White Harvey W Marlow ... Rev Rev Savannah Tribune Editor Herald of United Churches Editor Editor Columbus People's Messenger Business ...... Manager Milledgeville, People s Macon, Choice Choice (la. " Re\ R H C T T E H M Jurner Brightharp Robinson Hart. Rev Thomas Screen Walter Rev Rev AM SYPope J A Rev W Henderson, Flovd E Jolly Searls Hill P Pitts Johnson Thomas Snelson 44 tk ^ ^ .Mcintosh, Hawkinsville, Macon, Logansville •• "■ •• Waynesboro, Jesup, " Rev Rev CT J W ,4 Walker Dunjee Rev G S Johnson Augusta, " Rev T Col J A HL P Isaiah J J O A D R McHorton Johnson W Lyons M Dent W Walker... Wimberly C T L H Russell Greene Chatters Craig Blocker, Jr " ^ " " " " " " " " " " Robert David Lark Battey " " " Since issuing the call for the Consultation meeting, January 25th, 1888, the following names have come to us in endorsement Hon Rev W T H P J Gadson.. James Golden M Jones Blue of the call: Brunswick, Atlanta, Brunswick, Ga. " Appling, Dr. Wm Troy Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev A L R W W Prof. H T W H S Kent Smith Ramsey Watson Tilman T. M. Dent, of Hawkinsville, made some Covington, Augusta, Atlanta, Augusta, Covington, Columbus, very eloquent marks, setting forth the need of unity above all things, and that '• "■ "• " " '* " re¬ from to-day up-building the colored men of Georgia of should set out to work together for the of the race. He closed by W. Athens, Burnett, for Esq. temporary Col. Pledger chairman. was nominating Col. W. A. Pledger, The motion was seconded by A. unanimously elected temporary chairman. On being conducted to the chair, Col. Pledger spoke in strong endorsement of the call for this Convention and declared his willingness and purpose to do all in his power to make the business of the body a success. On motion of Rev. E. K. Love, of Savannah, Dr. A. E. Williams, of Crawfordville, On motion of was Capt. chosen J. A. temporary Sykes, of secretary. Savannah, a committee of live, as follows, was appointed to nominate a president, two vice-presidents and two W. Lyons, The secretaries: chair J. W. requested Marlow, Capt. Rev. Jas. Esq., C. A. Rev. Max Sykes, E. Manning K. Prof. Love. T. to M. lead Dent, the Capt. body J. in

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