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Proceedings of Consultation Convention of 350 leading Colored Men of Georgia. Held in Macon, Georgia, January 25th and 26th, 1888


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In response to a call for a Consultation Convention of the repre¬ sentative colored men of Georgia, about three hundred men from parts th? state assembled this city to-day. No public hall being- large enough seat the delegates attendance, the Cotton Avenue Baptist church kindly tendered the use their house. At o'clock a. in., the meeting was called order by Rev. \Y. White, Editor the Georgia Baptid. who requested Rev. Walker read the fol¬ lowing To the Colored Citizens of Georgia :— The matter of having Consultation meeting the leading colored men of the State has been under discussion for some time. On the 24th day November, 1887, number of gentlemen met the city Macon, da,, discuss the advisability of making call. After fully considering the matter, it was unanimously decided to invite the leading colored men Georgia, meet in the city of Macon, on Wednesday morning, January 25th 1888, o -lock. The Chairman of that meeting. Rev. W. White, was appointed prepare and issue call for this meeting. It not deemed necessary to enter into details this call, beyond stat¬ ing that we believe the time has come when the colored men Georgia should meet, consult and agree upon some wise course future action, for the promotion the race's welfare. After more than years freedom and its benefits, with thousands our people greatly advanced from the degradation slavery days, the colored men Georgia find predominating sentiment among their white fellow-citizens, keep them condition largely assimilating to their condition when held bondage. But the darkest cloud has its silver lining, so the colored men Georgia sees some rays hope the fact that large number the best white people the state are ready and willing to give them fair chance the race life. The present chain-gang and penitentiary system Georgia, simply barbarous, and yet no past legislature has removed this foul blot. Every at¬ tempt improvement has failed, and as matter fact; the helpless con¬ victs of the state are being made the subjects cruelty far beyond the limit authorized by the statutes, even providing for the enforcement the most rigid discipline. The educational facilities afforded the state are totally inadequate to the needs the people and yet the colored people are deprived of a just share the small amount provided for this purpose. Under the fluence of senseless and unrelenting prejudice, the legislature last ses¬ sion has connected with the continuance the annual appropriation the Eight Thousand Dollars the Atlanta University, conditions which amount to a virtual withdrawal of this money from that school. This action was tak¬ en the face of the fact that appropriations white institutions learning were larger than former years. The colored men Georgia owe themselves and their children organize and unite their strength with the good white people the state for the removal existing evils, and the curement of more of the benefits which their citizenship entitles them. This call addressed to all classes our people and we trust the people will interest themselves in raising money to^assist their leaders attend. Ministers of the gospel, school teachers, professional men, the farmer, the merchant, the mechanic, the artizan, and the wage worker are invited tend. A people who will not try help themselves cannot expect others help them. Let us help ourselves and ask the Lord turn the hearts oth¬ W. WHITE, Editor Georgia Baptist, Chairman. ers to our help. W. H. YOUNG, Secretary. Anthony Wilson L Crawford Hon. P. O. Holt Hon. Jeff Long Member House Member House Representatives for Camden Representatives, Mcintosh Co. Macon, Ga. Macon, Ga.

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