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Proceedings of the State Convention of Colored Men of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C., July 18, 1883.


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The present system of hiring out and working convicts upon any other than public works are to be condemned. While we cannot deny the power of the Legislature to enact laws to the detriment of even convicts, yet we would set upon them the seal of condemnation and ask the Legislature to wipe out the iniquitous system at its earliest session. As representatives of that race most victimized by the averice and greed of heartless corporations and individuals, we thank the press of the State for the unanimity with which they have condemned and stigmatized this inhuman and barbarous system

All of which is respectfully submitted.




R.L. SMITH, Esq.

The following is a list of the delegates selected to go to Louisville:

First District—A.D. Danzler W.H. Birney, W.D. Crum; alternate, S.W. McKinay

Secon District—L. Cain, S.C. Smith, Fred Nix; alternate, E.J:Dickerson

Third District—N.H. Whitmire, F.L. Hicks, Barnard Boyd.

Fourth District—R.A. Stewart, J.W. Jones, J.P. Boydon.

Fifth District—C.C. Levy.

Sixth District—M.K. Holloway, E.J. Sawyer, Z.W. Mines; alternate, E.H. Deas.

Seventh District—R.H. Richardson, B.H. Williams, D.T. Middleton.

As there was but one delegate from the Fifth District six delegates at large, instead of four were elected as follows: D.A. Straker, Thomas E. Miller, H.L. Shrewsbury, E.M. Pinckney, Rev. J.C. Waters, Robt. Smalls; alternates, Thomas Hamilton, T.K. Sasportas. The Convention adjourned at 11.30 P.M.

On motion of Messrs. Hamilton and Miller, Hon. H.L. Shrewsbury was made chairman of the delegation.

The following resolutions were adopted.

Resolved, That we return our sincere thanks for the distinguished honor which we have enjoyed in having the use of this Church for holding our convention.

Resolved, That this convention return their thanks to the President and Secretary for the faithful and courteous manner in which they have discharged the duties of their respective offices. Adjourned at 9.45 P.M.

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