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Proceedings of the State Convention of Colored Men of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C., July 18, 1883.


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Proceedings of the State Convention of Colored Men

of South Carolina

Columbia S.C., July 18, 1883.

In pursuance of the call. the Convention met in Columbia at noon on the 18th of July, 1883, and was called to order by Hon. H. L. Shrewsbury. Mr. Shrewsbury read the call the specifications of which were as follows: * *

1st. Negro labor at the South is not fairly remunerated. The Southern negro is not protected by law in the collection of money due him.

2d. In most parts of the country the negro does not have a fair show in the public schools.

3d. The negro is not protected in his civil rights, notwithstanding the laws passed by Congress.

4th. His political rights are ignored; six and a half millions of people are without representation in Congress.

5th. The negro does not get his share of Executive protection and encouragement.

On motion of Mr. S. W. McKinlay the Convention went into temporary organization by the election of Hon. H. L. Shrewsbury as temporary chairman and Jno. M. Freeman, Esq., of Charleston as Secretary.

Mr. Mobley arose to speak to the motion and made an extended speech. He was finally called to order by the chair.

On motion the roll of the counties was called the following delegates answering to their names:

List of Delegates.

Ai? en - S. E. Smith E. J. Dickson, L. W. James, Rev. W. H. Heard.

Barnwell - Fred Nix Jacob Hankerson, P.B. McKnight, Ben M yers.

Be ufor - C.?E. Miller, Robert Smalls, Thomas Hamilton and W. J. Whipper.

Berkele - D.T. Middleton, R.H. Jenkins, W.J. Bowe, R.L. Smith, Frank Bull, S. B. Thompson.

Charleston - W.H. Burney? John M. Freeman, H.W. Purvis, R. C Brown, S.W. McKinlay, M.C. Carter, G.O. Marshall, G.N. Parker, T A. McLain, R.W. Brown, W.D. Crum, J. P. W agg?

Chesterfield - H.L. Shrewsbury, I. E? Hardy.

Clarendon - W P Warley, A A Dubose.

Colleton - W F Meyers, J H Blodgett, C R Bailey, W A Paul, J J Thomas, W A Chisholm.

Darlington - Z W Wines, J A Smith.

Edgefield - L Cain, D Harris, Jr, David Graham, W A Raiford, August Glover.

Georgetown - G E Herriott, B H Williams.

Kershaw - C C Levy, A W Powell, J H Johnson.

Marion - W A Hayne, A H Howard, Giles F White, Aaron Fryer.

Marlboro - E J Sawyer, S D Beverley.

Newberry - N H Whitmire, Arthur Lane.

Orangeburg - A D Dantzler, T K Sasportas, Cephas Miller, H H Haynes, A G Townsend.

Richland - Dr J C Waters, S Starling, A W Curtis, R A Stewart, James Wells.

Spartanburg - C C Bomar, J P Boyden, B F Means, J W Jones.

Sumter - J B Smith G W Murray, R H Richardson.

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