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Proceedings of the Convention of Colored Men, Held in Edwards Opera House, Parsons, Kansas. April 27th and 28th, 1882.


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indignation meeting of the colored people of Philadelphia, against the outrage perpertrated against Right Rev. Bishop Payne, by the railroad conductor in Florida.

By L. Fulbright.

Resolved, That we the members of this convention from Shawnee county, Kansas, respectfully ask that each delegate to this convention on his return home, request his people to appoint one or more delegates, to attend a state convention of colored men, to be held in Topeka, Kansas, May 31, 1882.

By W.L. Egleson

Whereas, The Hon. D.C. Haskell, M.C., by voting with the democrats in the Lynch-Charmers election case in which the glaring frauds of this bill was fully shown, has shown how little regard he has for the rights of our people, therefore be it

Resolved, That the said D.C. Haskell, has by his course in this case forfeited all claims to the suffrages of the colored voters in the Second District.

By W.B. Avery:

Whereas Mrs. A. Wilson having present the convention with a beautiful boquet culled by her own hands, with expressions of co-operation with the convention in their objects, therefore be it

Resolved; That the thanks of the convention be tendered to Mrs. A. Wilson. Adopted.

By L. Fulbright;

Resolved, That 1000 copies of the minutes of this convention—be printed in pamphet form.

Resolved, That in order to keep up an interest, that each delegate be requested to form clubs in their localities and hold stated meetings for the discussion of matters of in-

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