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Proceedings of the Convention of Colored Men, Held in Edwards Opera House, Parsons, Kansas. April 27th and 28th, 1882.


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deeds of women.

The world was sad, The garden was a wild; Man, the hermit, sighed 'Till women smiled.

Good bless them!

I therefore hope, Mr. President, that the resoultion will be adopted.

Rev. A. Fairfax supported the motion in a brilliant speech in which he said, "Wine is strong - women is stronger; man is might - God is Almighty, and trust beareth [away?] the victory." He referred to the noble mothers in Isreal, and particularly of Deborah, the Prophetess, of her strong and abiding faith in an overruling Providence. Thought but a weakly woman, she was strong in the faith that the God of Isreal would deliver his people. And He did deliver them. There may be another Deborah that Providence has in reserve for the special purpose of leading us to pleasant places, where we too may be permitted to worship the God of Isreal under our own vine and fig tree.

He found ladies as missionaries visiting prisons and caring for the dying during our late terrible civil war, women - noble woman; next to the savior heaven's best gift to man - proved her strength. And in the judgment Oh! how many thousands will rise up and bless the hands that administered to them in their hour of need! This is a mission of mercy; of truth and justice. Who is more qualified to enter upon it than tender-hearted, yet strong in faith and purpose woman? Ask the Apostles during the first ages of Christianity who were the most useful in cheering and comforting the church and leading her on toward her high destiny. They will answer, L[y]dia, Phoebe, Priscilla and others of the "weaker"

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