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Proceedings of the Convention of Colored Men, Held in Edwards Opera House, Parsons, Kansas. April 27th and 28th, 1882.


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tion offered here is one that is intended to meet the demand. We must appeal to the National goverument for assistance, we propose to ask them to donate to us a portion of its public domain and to aid us in getting on it. It may be urged that we have no claims upon the government that we should ask this! Let us reason for a moment. No Nation ever emancipated its slaves and then abandoned them to the six shooters of the old master but this. Did not the blood of the black men assist in cementing and perpetuating this great republic. They gave us the right to vote, but left us at the mercy of our old master by leaving him the lord of the soil, and we as his serfs. They gave us a civil rights bill, but gave us a Judiciary that would not enforce it. Yet we are thankful for what we have. Our forefathers, our fathers and ourselves have spent 87 years building up the southern portion of the government. We were slaves, they gave us freedom, but is that equity, we are told that slavery was wrong. Is it righting that wrong by giving us alone our liberty without either recompense for past injuries, or assistance to start in the race of life? We have thanked this governm't for our freedom, we thank it for the right to vote, but still, is it right and just that we who served it as slaves, and when the nation was in peril, responded to the call and washed the ramparts of Wagner and Hudson with the crimson gore of black heroes. I ask is it right that we should be oppressed by the very rebels who were seeking to tear this government asunder? When we were made citizens is it not the duty of the government to protect the citizen in his rights.

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