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Proceedings of the Convention of Colored Men, Held in Edwards Opera House, Parsons, Kansas. April 27th and 28th, 1882.


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We wish to avoid panperism; but we find that a large portion of people, in these parts, desire to engage in farming for a livelihood, yet the greater part of us do not possess sufficient pecuniary means to start therein. We do not seek for the exclusive occupancy of our race of any portion of the public domain, in fact we would prefer having it otherwise; and have friendly disposed, intelligent people in our midst.

At a delegate convention of the colored people of Southern Kansas assembled in the city of Parsons on this 27th day of April, A.D. 1882, in accordance with a printed call (a copy of which is herewith enclosed) after prior deliberation and thorough consultation upon the important object of our coming together at this time. We, the delegates of said convention, are united in the opinion, that our race may be greatly benefitted without any actual loss, possibly gain, to the United States government, by a compliance with the following requests.

1st. That congress appropriate every third section of land in the Oklahoma territory for the occupancy of colored emigrants from the south, leaving the two intermediate sections open for settlement as may be "thought best."

2nd. That Congress appoint a government agent for each district in the territory.

3rd. Authorize said agents to given written permits to colored families to locate upon eighty acres of land each. Requiring each family to cultive portions of said land for their own benefit and free of rent, during five successive years under written contract.

4th. Empower the agent to loan to each family suitable materials for erecting a comfortable dwelling house and stable, six months rations for team and families, a cook stove, needed seeds, a team, a wagon, a plow, and other necessary farming implements. Said family contracting to pay for the same in annnal payments within five years; and in case of failure to do so, the property to revert to the agent. All of the previously described property (real and personal) shall be under the supervision and control of the agent.

5th. Every family that complies with the terms of the contract and who within five years return or pays the agent for all the loaned articles will be entitled to receive from the agent a government deed

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