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Proceedings of the Convention of Colored Men, Held in Edwards Opera House, Parsons, Kansas. April 27th and 28th, 1882.


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meeting, held the above named day, have unanimously decided to call a convention of the colored people of all the southern half of Kansas especially, and invite our people at large throughout this and other States, who see fit to assemble with us, to meet in the city of Parsons, at 10 o'clock, a. m , on Thursday, the '27th day of April, 1882, to consult upon the best course for our people to pursue under existing circumstances, and to take action upon a certain proposition which will be presented by our white friends. Although this invitation is extended to all adult colored people of Southern Kansas in particular and others in general, and will be cordially welcomed ; yet want of room makes it necessary that the seats should first be reserved for, and that the official business of the convention must be transacted by the authorized delegates or representatives, in attendance. We respectfully suggest two modes of representations, either of which may be adopted in the different localities.

First—Let each community of five or more families of colored people, hold a [?] meeting and send one man to Parsons to represent them ; and where there are more than one hundred colored persons living in a neighborhood, let them send one man for every one hundred of their men, women and children.

Second—Let each colored church of any denomination in a locality, send one delegate to the convention. If there are more than one hundred members of any one church, let them send one delegate for every one hundred members (men, women and children). In either case each one should bring his written credentials. Arrangements are being made for securing a reduction of fare for delegates, and other colored persons who come to attend the convention.

For further information address Wilmer Walton, Parsons, Kansas, who was be Parsons Agent of Kansas Freedmen's Relief Association of Topeka, while it existed.

The Secretaries of all the mass meetings will please forward the names of delegates by mail to the Committee of Arrangements.— J. W. [French?], E. W. Domey, R. Stafford, P. Wamach, Edmund Clark, W.R. Avery, A. Ray.

Reception Committee—Willis Brown, S. Motely, T. P. Perkins, [Harison?] Jones, R. A. Johnson, Peter Brown.


Ed. W. Dorsey, Secretary.

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