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State Colored Men's Convention


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Henry Demas, of St. John the Baptist, chairman; W.P. Green, of Jefferson; T.T. Allain, of East Baton Rouge; David Douglas, of Orleans; W.T. Southard. of Ouachita; F.C. Antoine, of Orleans; P.G. Deslonde, of Iberville; A. Dejoie, of Orleans; R.J. Walker, of Tensas.

The conventlon, on motion of Hon. C.C. Antoine, took a recess of thirty minutes to allow the different committees to prepare their reports.

After Recess.

At the expiration of the recess the convention was again called to order, Hon. T. B. Stamps in the chair.

The committee on credentials submitted its report, which was adopted by the convention.

Mr. Allain, of East Baton Rouge, moved that the report of the committee on credentials be received and adopted, and that the list of delegates submitted by the committee be made the roll of the convention.

The report of the committee on permanent organization was subsequently submitted, recommending the election of the following named gentlemen as the permanent officers of the convention: For president, Hon. C. C. Antoine, of Caddo; for vice president. W.F. Southard, of Ouachita; for secretary, J. Minor Holland, of Orleans; for assistant secretary, A. S. Henderson, of Orleans; for sergeant-at-arms, Paul W. Dunbar; assistants, John Mason and Joseph Boutte; doorkeepers, J.B. Keller and Joseph Sarotield.

Mr. Johnson, of Orleans, moved that the president appoint one vice president from each congressional district. Lost.

At this stage of the proceedings three enthusias.ic cheers of "Viva Cuba" started from the lips of the delegates and also from the crowd in the lobby, caused by the sudden appearance in the lobby of the Cuban General Rafael Quesada, accompanied by Dr. J. G. Hava, agent of Cuba, Dr. Joaquim De Zayas, Senor Santiago Lapeyra and Senor Luis Cabaleiro.

These gentlemen were escorted by the Hon. James Lewis, the Administrator of Improvements of the city of New Orleans. The convention immediately passed a vote cordially inviting the representatives of the Estrella de las Antillas to seats on the platform. which the General and his escort accepted; and they ascended the platform amid deafening cheers of applause.

The convention resuming its business, a committee, consisting of Messrs. T. T. Allain, J.A. Gould and William Murrell, was appointed to escort the permanent president to the chair.

Hon. C.C. Antoine, on taking the chair, made a few appropriate remarks of thanks.

Mr. Allain offered a resolution to the effect that the president appoint a committee of fifteen on resolutions. Adopted.

The follwoing resolutions were offered by T.T. Allain, of East Baton Rouge:

Resolved. That as the sense of this con-

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