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State Colored Men's Convention


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Pursuant to the call issued by the Hon. William G. Brown, calling a convention of the colored men of the State to meet in this city yesterday, Monday, the seventeenth day of November, 1873, for the purpose of taking the necessary steps looking to the protection and continuance of the State administration, and also to elect delegates to the National Colored Men's Convention, called to meet in the city of Washington in December next, the delegates representing the different congressional districts assembled at twelve o'clock in the Mechanics' Institute.

Hon. William G. Brown called the convention to order, and occupied the attention of the delegates for a short time, confining his remarks more to explanatory topics of the duties the convention was called upon to perform than to subjects foreign thereto. At the conclusion of his remarks. Mr. Brown called upon Hon. T. B. Stamps, of Jefferson, to act as temporary chairman of the convention.

Mr. A. Bertonneau, of Orleans, moved that a committee of two be appointed to escort the chairman to the platform. which motion being carried, the chair appointed Messrs. A. Bertonneau, of Orleans, and A. Williams, of East Baton Rouge.

Mr. Stamps, on taking the chair, delivered an eloquent and elaborate speech, in which he thanked the convention for the honor that body had conferred upon him and stated that he hoped that the proceedings of the convention would be characterized by harmony and good feeling among its delegates.

Captain W. H. Green, of Orleans, moved that J. Minor Holland, of Orleans, be elected as temporary secretary.

Mr Henry Demas, of St. John, nominated Mr. Charles A. Baquie, of Orleans.

Mr. Baquie, being present, thaked the convention and declined the nomination.

Mr. A. S. Henderson was subsequently elected as assistant to Mr. Holland.

Colonel R. B. Baquie, of Orleans, moved the appointment of a committee on credentials to be composed of thirteen delegates, which motion being adopted, the chair appointed the following committee:


First Congressional District—William H. Green, P. Z. Canonge, A. Bertonneau, of Orleans.

Second Congressional District—R. B. Baquie, William G. Brown, W. G. Elliot, of Orleans

Third Congressional District—Henderson Turley, of East Baton Rouge: John Gair, of East Feliciana.

Fourth Congressional District—C. C. Antoine, of Caddo; George Y. Kelso, of Rapides.

Fifth Congressional District—David Young, of Concordia; William Murrell, of Madison.

Hon. J. Henri Burch, of East Baton Rouge, moved the adoption of the rules of the State House of Representatives for the government of this convention.

The motion was adopted unanimously.

Hon. Henry Demas, of St. John the Baptist, moved that the chair appoint a committee on permanent organization, to be composed of nine delegates. Carried.

The chair thereupon appointed the following committee on permanent organization:

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