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Proceedings of the Southern States Convention of Colored Men, held in Columbia, S.C., commencing October 18, ending October 25, 1871.

1871SC-Regional-Columbia_Proceedings 45.pdf

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The question was taken on agreeing to the report, and decided in the affirmative.

The Convention resumed the consideration of the resolutions of thanks introduced by the member for Louisiana.

After debate, participated in by Messrs. Quarles, DeBruhl, Nelson and Burch,

On motion of Mr. BURCH, the resolutions were referred to the Committee or Resolutions.

Mr. ELLIOTT, from the Committee on Address to the American people, made the following


The Committee on Address, to whom were referred the subject of preparing an address to be issued by this Convention to the American people, beg leave most respectfully to report that they have carefully and diligently considered the same, and recommend the adoption of the following address to the people of the United States of America.

(Signed) R.B. ELLIOTT,

Chairman of Committee.


In the Convention of the colored people of the Southern States, begun to be holden in the city of Columbia, South Carolina, on Wednesday, the 18th day of October, 1871.

To the People of the United States of America-

FELLOW-CITIZENS: The colored people of the States of Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and the District of Columbia, have delegated to us their representatives, assembled in Convention, authority to give expression to their purposes, desires, and feelings, in view of the relation they sustain to the Government and people of the United States, under the course of events that has arisen since, and a consequence of, the war of rebellion.

We owe to Almighty God and the spirit of liberty and humanity that animates the great body of the people of this country the personal liberty and the rights of citizenship, that we enjoy and shall under the promptings of duty, labor for the permanence and perfection of the institutions that have served as the great instrument of consummating this act of justice.

In seeking more perfect recognition as members of the great political family to which the interests of humanity have been peculiarly committed, we desire to recognize our obligations and responsibilities as members of this great family, and to assure the American people that we stand among them imbued with a national spirit-with confidence in and devotion to the principles of representative popular government, and with ideas of policy that embrace every individual and interest of our common country.

The fruits of the great legal measures that were intended to establish our rights and interests on a common footing with all other citizens of

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