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Proceedings of the Southern States Convention of Colored Men, held in Columbia, S.C., commencing October 18, ending October 25, 1871.

1871SC-Regional-Columbia_Proceedings 30.pdf

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taken sides with, and given their undivided support to the National Republican Party, believing that to that great party, if to any political source they owe any allegiance, they are most largely indebted, and great and untiring efforts are being made to disintegrate them from their allegiance, and that the opponents of free government are using every means in their power to draw the veil of prejudice over the eyes of the more ignorant of our race, to the extent of laying bare to the public mind the individual peculations of the officers chosen by them to fill high positions, and by charging the grossest crimes, without proof, against the party; and the whole course of its opponents has been to censure the Republican party for the sins and iniquities of individual members, and, failing in this, have resorted, and continue to resort to the most flagrant violations of law and humanity, and the most dastardly outrages, for the purpose of intimidating our people, and, for this purpose, have actually formed, in the various States, organizations known as "Ku Klux Klans," composed of men who, traitorously to the Union, carried on a bloody war for four long years, to establish an independent Southern Confederacy, whose corner stone should be the perpetual slavery of ourselves, our children and our children's children, for generations yet unborn, and who, at Andersonwille, and Fort Pillow, and Milliken's Bend, starved and butchered the champions of liberty without number, that the sacred fires of liberty kindled in our breasts under a free government might be forever quenched; therefore, be it

Resolved, That, as the representative men of our race, assembled in Convention from every portion of the Southern States, we believe that, through good or evil report, our highest allegiance under Heaven is due to the National Republican Party of America.

Resolved, That the present Republican party, based as it is upon the principles of perfect civil and political equality, merits our individual and undivided support and adherence.

Resolved, That, while there are corrupt, mercenary men in all political parties, we believe that there are good and true men in the Republican party of the South.

Resolved, That we do not intend to go outside of our party to find honest men, whilst we have them in our own party, and that only honest and tried men shall be nominated for office; and we call upon our people throughout the South to give them their undivided support.

Resolved, That, trusting high Heaven, and deploring the loss of the good and loyal men who have fallen victims of lawless violence for their political opinions, and calling upon the righteous Judge of the Universe for protection, we pledge ourselves and our constituents to stand as one man for the National Republican Party of America, so long as it maintains its present principles.

Resolved, That we have no confidence in the professions of pledges of the Conservative Democratic New Departure movement, and no amount of lawlessness or intimidation can compel us to give it one moment's support.

Mr. TURNER introduced the following:

Whereas it is rumored that Northern brethren and fellow-citizens are apprehensive that assembly of the Southern States Convention is

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