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Proceedings of the Southern States Convention of Colored Men, held in Columbia, S.C., commencing October 18, ending October 25, 1871.

1871SC-Regional-Columbia_Proceedings 15.pdf

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James Davis, Esq., of Richland County, South Carolina; Hon. J. J. Wright, of South Carolina; Hon. W. E Johnston, of Sumter county, South Carolina.

Mr. J. T. RAPIER offered the following preamble and resolution, which was referred to the Committee on Communications and Resolutions:

Whereas this Convention has learned which unfeigned regret of the great destruction of life and property in Chicago, on the 9th and 10th instants, thereby entailing incalculable misery upon citizens thereof; and whereas, Chicago was one of those few progressive cities in the United States where persons of all nationalities could find employment without let or hindrance; and whereas we, the representatives of a large class of people, do remember the great Chicago Convention of 1860, that nominated the lamented Lincoln, who led us to a physical emancipation, and also the Convention of 1868, which nominated General Grant, who has led us to political emancipation; therefore, be it

Resolved, That as a practical expression of our sincerity, we raise five hundred dollars, and remit the same to the proper persons in Chicago, to be used for the benefit of suffering humanity, without any discrimination whatever.

The PRESIDENT announced the appointment of the following Committees, pursuant to the resolutions of the Convention:

Committee on Organization—H. M. Turner, of Georgia; Isaac Meyers, of Maryland; J. H. Johnson, of Arkansas, R. B. Elliott, of South Carolina; W. H. Harrison, of Georgia; J. H. Burch, of Louisiana, R. H. Cain, of South Carolina; Richard Nelson, of Texas; J. T. Walls, of Florida; W. H. Grey, of Arkansas.

Committee on Civil Rights—P. B. S. Pinchback, of Louisiana; B. A. Bosemon, of South Carolina, J. F. Quarles, T. G. Campbell, of Georgia, J. H. White, of South Carolina.

Committee on Outrages—J. T. Walls, of Florida, W. J. Whipper, of South Carolina; J. H. Deveaux, of Georgia, H. E. Hayne, of South Carolina; A. J. Flowers, of Tennessee, W. G. Johnson, of Lousiana, J. DeBruhl, of Texas; Alexander McCann, of Alabama, G. W. Price, of North Carolina; Wilson Cooke, of South Carolina, J. H. Johnson, of Arkansas, S. H. Scott, of Mississippi, T. A. Sykes, of North Carolina.

Committee on Education and Labor—J. H. Burch, of Louisiana, R. H. Cain, of South Carolina; F. C. Barbadoes, of District of Columbia; J. F. Quarles, of Georgia; J. T. Rapier, of Alabama; W. B. Nash, of South Carolina, Benjamin Geddes, of Louisiana.

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