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Proceedings of the Southern States Convention of Colored Men, held in Columbia, S.C., commencing October 18, ending October 25, 1871.

1871SC-Regional-Columbia_Proceedings 7.pdf

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Convention have had the same under consideration, and respectfully report the following:

For President—Hon. A. J. Ransier, of South Carolina.

For Vice President—Hon. R. B. Elliott, of South Carolina; Hon. R. Nelson, of Texas; J. H. Johnson, Esq., of Arkansas, T. A. Sykes, of North Carolina; A. J. Flowers, of Tennessee; Hon. J. H. Piles, of Mississippi; Hon. P. B. S. Pinchback, of Louisiana; Hon. Josiah T. Walls, of Florida; Isaac Meyers, Esq., of Maryland; Hon. J. M. Simms, of Georgia; Hon J. T. Rapier, of Alabama.

For Chaplain—Rev. C. L. Bradwell, of Georgia.

For Secretaries—J. H. Deveaux, Esq., of Georgia; Hon. H. E. Hayne, of South Carolina.

For Treasurer—Edwin Belcher, Esq., of Georgia.

For Sergeant-at-Arms—John Williams.

For Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms—Peter L. Miller.

Mr. ANTOINE moved the report to be agreed to.

Mr. ELLIOTT, of South Carolina, asked that, before taking the question on the adoption of the report, his name be withdrawn from any connection with the organization of this Convention, for reasons which he would give at a subsequent time.

There being no objection, the name of Mr. Elliott was withdrawn from the report as Vice—President from South Carolina.

On motion of Mr. HAYNE, the name of the Hon. W. B. Nash was substituted for that of Mr. Elliott.

On motion of Mr. ANTOINE, the report, as amended was adopted.

On motion of Mr. BURCH, the Chairman was authorized to appoint a Committee to conduct the President to the chair.

Messrs. Burch, Meyers and Pinchback were appointed said Committee.

The Committee retired, and soon after appeared accompanied by the President elect, and escorted him to the chair.

The PRESIDENT, on being introduced to the Convention by the temporary Chairman, said:

Gentlemen of the Convention:

You have by your action this evening placed me in a peculiar position. The duties of the Chair, it may perhaps be needless for me to say, are onerous. It is a position which the lamented Everett, of Massachusetts, once said, "was neither to be sought nor declined." From this view of so eminent a statesman, you may easily judge of the peculiarities of the position. The peculiarity of the position at this time is enhanced by the fact that your Convention meets in South Carolina, and some of the delegation of which I am a member, and with whom I had spoken in reference to the choice of a President, agreed with myself, at the suggestion of my name, that we, for reasons satisfactory at least to ourselves, should decline accepting, for any member of our delegation, the position of permanent Chairman of the Convention. To the delegation

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