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Proceedings of the Southern States Convention of Colored Men, held in Columbia, S.C., commencing October 18, ending October 25, 1871.

1871SC-Regional-Columbia_Proceedings 3.pdf

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distinguished gentlemen whose names are subjoined, we do hereby call the above named Convention to meet in the city of Columbia, South Carolina, on the 18th day of October, 1871, at twelve o'clock M.

As the Convention did not advise as to what should constitute the ratio of representation, we suggest that the respective States be representatively apportioned the same as they are in the Congress of the United States, to wit: One delegate from each Congressional District, and two from the District of Columbia. The several Congressional Districts will elect their own delegates, which elected delegates may meet and elect two for the State at large, unless the respective States shall otherwise provide by State Conventions.

Those who may be accredited as delegates should meet the Convention prepared to remain in session one week, if necessary, as questions requiring mature deliberation will doubtless come before it, and should not be disposed of precipitately.

Most respectfully,

H.M. TURNER, President Georgia State Convention.



Alabama—Hon. James T. Rapier.

Arkansas—Hon. J. T. White.

Delaware—Howard Day, Esq.

Florida—Hon. Jonathan C. Gibbs, Secretary of State, Hon. Josiah T. Walls, Hon. H. S. Harmon.

Georgia—J. F. Long, Hon. Edwin Belcher, Hon. T. G. Campbell, Hon. J. M. Simms, J. F. Quarles, Esq.

Kentucky—W. H. Gibson, Esq., G. W. Dupee, Esq.

Louisiana—Hon. P. B. S. Pinchback, Lieutenant Governor O. J. Dunn.

Maryland—Isaac Meyers, Esq., W. M. Perkins, Esq., John H. Butler, Esq.

Mississippi—Hon. James Lynch, Secretary of State, Hon. E. Scarbrough.

North Carolina—Hon. James H. Harris, Hon. George L. Mabson, J. T. Schenck, Esq.

South Carolina—Lieutenant Governor A. J. Ransier, Hon. R. C. Delarge, Hon. R. H. Cain, Hon. J. H. Rainey, Hon. R. B. Elliott, Hon. F. L. Cardozo, Secretary of State.

Tennessee—Abram Smith, Esq., Alfred E. McKinney, Esq., Henry Harding, Esq., M. R. Johnson, Esq.

Texas—Hon. Richard Nelson,, Hon. J. T. Ruby.

District of Columbia—Hon. Frederick Douglass, Hon. James A. Handy.

Mr. TURNER announced that the next business in order would be to effect a temporary organization, and moved that the Hon. J. T. WALLS, of Florida, be called to the chair.

The motion was agreed to.

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