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Memorial of a committee appointed at a meeting of Colored citizens of Frankfort, Ky., and vicinity, praying the enactment of law for the better protection of life.

1871 Memorial.5.pdf

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80. John Redman killed by Ku-Klux in Adair County, May, 1870.

81. William Sheldon, Pleasonton Parker, Daniel Parker, Willis Parker, hung by mob in Laurel County, May 14, 1870.

82. Ku-Klux visited negro cabins at Peak's Mill, Franklin County; robbed and maltreated inmates, May 14, 1870.

83. Negro school-house burned by incendiaries in Christian County, May, 1870.

84. Negro hung by mob at Greenville, Muhlenburg County, May, 1870.

85. Colored school-house on Glen Creek, in Woodford County, burned by incendiaries, June 4, 1870.

86. Ku-Klux visited negro cabin, robbing and maltreating inmates, on Sand Riffle, in Henry County, June 10, 1870.

87. Mob attacked jail in Whitley County; two men shot, June, 1870.

88. Election riot at Harrodsburg; four persons killed, August 4, 1870.

89. Property burned by incendiaries in Woodford County, August 8, 1870.

90. Turpin and Parker killed by mob at Versailles, August 10, 1870.

91. Richard Brown's house attacked by Ku-Klux, in Henry County, August, 1870.

92. Simpson Grubbs killed by a band of men in Montgomery County, August, 1870.

93. Jacob See rescued from Mt. Sterling jail by mob, September, 1870.

94. Frank Timberlake hung by a mob at Flemingburg, Fleming County, September, 1870.

95. John Simes shot and his wife murdered by Ku-Klux, in Henry County, September, 1870.

96. Oliver Williams hung by Ku-Klux, in Madison County, September, 1870.

97. Ku-Klux visited cabins of colored people, robbed and maltreated inmates, at Harvey Mill, Franklin County, —.

98. A mob abducted Hicks from Lancaster, October 1870.

99. Howard Gilbert shot by Ku-Klux, in Madison County, October 9, 1870.

100. Ku-Klux drive colored people, Bald Knob, Franklin County, October, 1870.

101. Two negroes shot on Harrison Blanton's farm, near Frankfort, December 6, 1870.

102. Two negroes killed in Fayette County, while in civil custody, December 18, 1879.

103. Howard Million murdered by Ku-Klux, in Fayette County, December, 1870.

104. John Dickerson driven from his home in Henry County, and his daughter ravished, December 12, 1870.

105. A negro named George hung by a mob at Cynthiana, Harrison County, December, 1870.

106. Negro killed by Ku-Klux near Ashland, Fayette County, January 7, 1871,

107. A man named Hall whipped and shot, near Shelbyville, Shelby County, January 17, 1871.

108. Ku-Klux visited negro cabin at Stamping Ground, in Scott County; forces (white) and Ku-Klux killed two negroes; negroes killed in self defense, —

109. Negro killed by Ku-Klux in Henry County, January 14, 1871.

110. Negro church and school-house in Scott County, January 13, 1871.

111. Ku-Klux maltreated Demar, his two sons, and Joseph Allen in Franklin, January, 1871.

112. Dr. Johnson whipped by Ku-Klux in Magoffin County, December, 1871.

113. Property burned by incendiaries in Fayette County, January 21, 1871.

114. Attack on mail agent, North Benson, January 26, 1871.

115. Winstone Hawkins's fence burned, and notice over his door, "Not come home any more," April, 2, 1871.

116. Ku-Klux, to the number of 200, in February, came into Frankfort and rescued from jail one Scroggins that was in civil custody for shooting and killing one colored man named Strader Trumbo.

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