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Memorial of a committee appointed at a meeting of Colored citizens of Frankfort, Ky., and vicinity, praying the enactment of law for the better protection of life.

1871 Memorial.3.pdf

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25. Mob attacks negro cabin at Hanging Forks, in Lincoln county; John Masteran killed, and Cash and Coffey killed, September, 1869.

26. Jerry Laws and James Ryan hung by mob at Nicholasville, October, 16, 1868.

27. Attack on negro cabin in Spencer County; a woman outraged, December, 1868.

28. Two negroes shot by Ku-Klux at Sulphur Springs, in Union County, December, 1868.

29. Negro shot at Morganfield, Union County, December, 1868.

30. Mob visited Edmund Burns's house in Mercer County, January, 1869.

31. William Parker whipped by Ku-Klux in Lincoln County, January 20, 1868.

32. Mob attacked and fired into house of Jess Davis's, in Lincoln County, January 20, 1868.

33. Spears taken from his room at Harrodsburg by disguised men, January 19, 1869.

34. Albert Bradford killed by disguised men in Scott County, January 20, 1869.

35. Ku-Klux whipped Bayatt at Stanford, March 12, 1869.

36. Mob attacked Frank Boumes's house in Jessamine County; Roberts killed, March 1869.

37. George Bratcher hung by mob on Sugar Creek, in Garrard County, March 30, 1869.

38. John Penny hung by a mob in Nevada, Mercer County, May 29, 1869.

39. Ku-Klux whipped Lucien Green in Lincoln County, June, 1869.

40. Miller whipped by Ku-Klux in Madison County, July 2, 1869.

41. Charles Handerson shot and his wife killed by mob on Silver Creek, Madison County, July, 1869.

42. Mob decoy from Harrodsburg and hang George Bolling, July 17, 1869.

43. Disguised band visited home of I.C. Vanarsdall and T. J. Vanarsdall, in Mercer County, July 18 1869.

44. Mob attack Rousey's house in Casey County; three men and one woman killed, July, 1869.

45. James Crowders hung by a mob near Lebanon, Marion County, August 9, 1869.

46. Mob tar and feather a citizen of Cynthiana in Harrison County, August, 1869.

47. Mob whipped and bruised a negro in Davis County, September, 1869.

48. Ku-Klux burn colored meeting-house in Carroll County, September, 1869.

49. Ku-Klux whipped a negro at John Carnmon's farms, in Fayette County, September, 1869.

50. Wiley Gevens killed by Ku-Klux at Dixon, Webster County, October, 1869.

51. George Rose killed by Ku-Klux near Kirkville, in Madison County, October 18, 1869.

52. Ku-Klux ordered Wallace Sinthorn to leave his home near Parkville, Boyle County, October, 1869.

53. Man named Shepherd shot by mob near Parksville, October, 1869.

54. Regulator killed George Tankesley, in Lincoln County, November 2, 1869.

55. Ku-Klux attacked Frank Searey's house in Madison County; one man shot, November, 1869.

56. Searey hung by mob at Richmond, Madison County, November 4, 1869.

57. Ku-Klux killed Robert Mershon; daughter shot, November, 1869.

58. Mob whipped Pope, Hall, and Willet, in Washington County, November 1869.

59. Regulators whipped Cooper, in Pulaski County, November, 1869.

60. Ku-Klux ruffians outraged negroes in Hickman County, November 20, 1869.

61. Mob take two negroes from jail, Richmond, Madison County; one hun; one whipped, December 12, 1869.

62. Two negroes killed by mob while in civil custody, near Mayfield, Graves County, December, 1869.

63. Allen Cooper killed by Ku-Klux in Adair County, December 24, 1869.

64. Negroes whipped while on Scott's farm, in Franklin County, December, 1869.

65. Mob hung Charles Fields in Fayette County, January 20, 1870.

66. Mob take two men from Springfield jail and hang them, January 31, 1870.

67. Ku-Klux whipped two negroes in Madison County, February, 1870.

68. Simms hung by mob near Kingston, Madison County, February, 1870.

69. Mob hung up, then whipped, Douglass Rodes, near Kingston, Madison County, February, 1870.

70. Mob takes Fielding Waller from jail at Winchester, February 19, 1870.

71. R. L. Byrom hung by mob at Richmond, February 18, 1870.

72. Perry hung by mob near Lancaster, Garrard County, April 5, 1870.

73. Negro hung by mob at Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, April 6, 1870.

74. Mob rescues prisoner from Somerset jail, April 5, 1870.

75. Mob attacked A. Owen's house, in Lincoln county; Hyatt killed and Saunders shot, April, 1870.

76. Mob releases five prisoners from Federal officers in Bullitt County, April 11, 1870.

77. Sam Lambert shot and hung by mob in Mercer County, April 11, 1870.

78. Mob attacked William Palmer's house, in Clark County; William Hart killed, April, 1870.

79. Three men hung by mob near Glasgow, Warren County, May, 1870.

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