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Memorial of a committee appointed at a meeting of Colored citizens of Frankfort, Ky., and vicinity, praying the enactment of law for the better protection of life.

1871 Memorial.2.pdf

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protect us, and that will enable us to exercise the rights of citizens. We see that the Senator from this State denies there being organized bands of desperadoes in the State; for information, we lay before you a number of violent acts, occurred during his administration. Although he, Stevenson, says half a dozen instances of violence did occur, these are not more than one-half the acts that have occurred. The democratic party has here a political organization composed only of democrats, not a single republican can join them. Where many of these acts have been committed, it has been proven that they were the men, done with arms from the State arsenal. We pray you will take some steps to remedy these evils.

Done by a committee of grievances appointed at a meeting of all the colored citizens of Frankfort and vicinity.

HENRY MARRS, Teacher, Colored School,

HENRY LYNN, Livery Stable Keeper,

H.H. TRUMBO, Grocer



B. J. CRAMPTON, Barber,


MARCH 25, 1871.

1. A mob visited Harrodsburg, in Mercer County to take from jail a man named Robertson, November 14, 1867.

2. Smith attached and whipped by regulators in Nelson County, November 1867.

3. Colored school-house burned by incendiaries in Breckinridge, December 24, 1867.

4. A negro, Tim Machlin, taken from jail in Frankfort and hung by mob, January 28, 1868.

5. Sam Davis hung by mob at Harrodsburg, May 23, 1868.

6. William Pierce hung by a mob in Christian, July 12, 1868.

7. George Rogers hung by a mob at Bradfordsville, Marion County, July 11, 1868.

8. Colored school exhibition at Midway attacked by a mob, July 31, 1868.

9. Seven persons ordered to leave their homes at Stanford, Kentucky, August 7, 1868.

10. Silas Woodford, aged 60, badly beaten by disguised mob; Mary Smith Curtis and Margaret Mosby also badly beaten near Keene, Jessamine County, August, 1868.

11. Cabe Fields shot and killed by disguised men near Keene, Jassemine County, August 3, 1868.

12. James Gaines expelled from Anderson by Ku-Klux, August, 1868.

13. James Parker killed by Ku-Klux, August, 1868.

14. Noah Blankenship whipped by a mob in Pulaski County, August, 1868.

15. Negroes attacked, robbed, and driven from Summerville, in Greene County, August 21, 1868.

16. William Gibson and John Gibson hung by a mob in Washington County, August, 1868.

17. J. A. Montford hung by a mob near Coger's Landing in Jessamine County, — 28, 1868.

18. William Glasgow killed by a mob in Warren County, September 5, 1868.

19. Negro hung by a mob, September 1868.

20. Two negroes beaten by Ku-Klux in Anderson County, September 11, 1868.

21. Mob attacked house of Oliver Stone in Fayette County, September 11, 1868.

22. Mob attacked Cumin's house in Pulaski County; Cumins, his daughter, and a man named Adams killed in the attack, September 18, 1868.

23. United States Marshal Meriwether attacked, captured, and threatened with death in Larue county by mob, September 1868.

24. Richardson's house attacked in Cornishville by mob, and Crasbaw killed, September 28, 1868.

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