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Proceedings of a Convention of Colored Citizens: Held in the City of Lawrence, October 17, 1866

1866 Lawrence KS State Convention.6.pdf

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ON FINANCE—H. C. Hayden, Rev. G. B. Gray, John Berry, Richard Page, Rev. Nathan Duffin.

ON RESOLUTIONS AND ADDRESS—C. H. Langston, William D. Matthews, John Butler, Daniel Stone, T. J. Baskerville.

The Committee on Permanent Organization made the following report, which was unanimously adopted :

President-EDWARD HILL.

Vice Presidents—T. J. Baskerville, Henry Jennerals, W. L. Smith, Nathan Duffin, Fuller Carter, and H. Robinson.

Secretaries—E. L, Bradley, H. H. Thomas, Samuel Clark.

Chaplain—G. B. Gray.

The Committee on Resolutions and Address, presented the following Report, which was adopted:

1. RESOLVED, That the right of suffrage is inherent and natural and is an essential part of self-government; that it is not merely a conventional privilege, as some contend, which may be given to or withheld from any class at the will of a majority, but it is a right as sacred and inviolable as the right to property, liberty or life; therefore, the government which takes from any class this right is not a democracy, but a despotism.

2. RESOLVED, That it is the duty of the citizens of this State to so alter the Constitution by striking out the word "white," whenever It occurs, that the elective franchise be extended to every class of the people, without distinction of race or color.

3. RESOLVED, That in asking the voters or this State to extend to us the right of suffrage, the right to constitute a part of the State militia, and the right of trial by a jury of our political equals, we do not ask or desire social intercourse or equality with our white fellow citizens, for social equality is a matter of taste, and not of legislation.

4. RESOLVED, That we hold as enemies of humanity, all persons and parties, whether religious or political, that are not in favor of the personal and political freedom and equality of all men without regard to race or color; for we believe that aristocracy and despotism is the same all over the world, and that the man or the party that would enslave or disfranchise a negro, would, if in his power, as willingly enslave or disfranchise an Italian, a German, an Irishman, or any other race.

5. RESOLVED, That the political party in this State known as the National Union Party, has declared its "unalterable determination to oppose negro suffrage in the State of Kansas," therefore we have no confidence in the wisdom, the patriotism, the justice, or the democracy of that party, and believe that it is laboring in the interest of negro-hating rebels.

6. RESOLVED, That it is anti-democratic, inhuman and unjust for the proprietors of stages, railroad cars, barber shops, hotels and saloons, to exclude us on account of color from an equal enjoyment of the conveniences of these public institutions; and that we respectfully ask such proprietors to abolish this unfair, proscriptive and illegal custom; and further, we recommend to our people to seek redress in the courts of justice.

7. RESOLVED, That what we need as an oppressed race just emerging from slavery, is sound moral character, a good education, and money; and therefore we recommend to our people temperance, virtue, industry and economy.

8. RESOLVED, That the Convention appoint a State Executive Committee of nine, whose duty it shall be to superintend the movement now making among us in this State to gain political equality. It shall employ agents to present our claims to the people, raise money to pay the expenses of the same, and to pay other expenses which in its judgment may be necessary. Said Committee shall hold meetings as often as may be deemed advisable, and shall, as far as possible, organize auxiliary Committees in each colored community. The Executive Committee shall continue in office one year, and shall report its doings quarterly through the columns of some public journal.

9. RESOLVED, That we hereby tender our thanks to Andy Johnson, accidental President of the United States, for voluntarily offering to become the Moses of the oppressed colored men of America.

10. RESOLVED, That our heartfelt thanks are due, and hereby tendered to Hon. S.C. Pomeroy and Hon. Sidney Clark, for their earnest devotion to the cause of human rights and human equality while members of the Congress of the United States, and that we hope the people of Kansas will reward them for the fidelity by again placing them at their posts of honor and usefulness.

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