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Proceedings of the Convention of the Equal Rights and Educational Association of Georgia : assembled at Macon, October 29th, 1866 : containing the annual address of the president, Captain J.E. Bryant

1866 Macon GA State Convention.27.pdf

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ART. IV-DUTIES OF OFFICERs--Sec 1. It shall be the duty of th& President to preside at all meetings; to call al'!' extra mee•ing when­ ever he may deem it adviaable, or upon the request of five members, to initiate new members, and to perform all duties that may devolve upon him by the Constitution and By-Laws. 2. lt 11hall be the du y of the Vice President, in the absence o! the Pre!ident, to perform his duties. 3. It sbll be the duty of the Sooretarv to keep a true and imp:n­ tial record o! the doings of Association, and in the absence of the President a.nd Vice President to call extra meetings of the Asso­ ciation by the request of five members, and attend to such other duties as the Aseociatio::i may direct -' It shall be the du:y of the Treasurer to take charge of, and 11afely keep. all monies and other property intrusted to him by the Assoc ·ation, and pllJ out the same only upon a requisition dravrn ac­ cording to the T::te of thtl Association and signed by tho President and Secretary. He ehall report once a quarter, and ae much_ oftener as the society may direct. He eh'lll give to the President a bond ia such sum as the As:iooia ion may require for the faithful performance of bis duties. 5. ThEI Chaplain shall open all the meetings with prayer. 6. The Executive Committee shall faithfully attend to all duties imposed on them from time to time, making a report when called upon. 1. It 11hall be the duty of tha Eumining Committee carefully to examine all propo itio:ia for membership to the Associ tion, and when received by a Constitutional Tote to e:ramine candidates.before initia· ted, and report to the Pre'iident upon the same. 8. It shall be the dut.y of the Financial Committee to make a.II necessary arrangemeLtb ft.r furnishing the Association with needed funds, and shall perform fl\:.Ob o her uutm 11.a the !'Ociety may require of them. ART. V-11EMHRBi'l.1P--Seo.. ht. All perso?UI who desire to be.; come mem bera of this Aosooiatic::l shall first be proposed by a mem"' ber in writing, stating name , age, business and residence. 2. The proposition shall be han<led to the Er:amining Committee, who shall report upc.n th J.lmc. as ..oon a11 pr cticable, oither approv· ing or disapproTing. 3. After the eommittee reported, a ballot 1hall be taken and if a majority 'Yote in farnr oi the candidate he shall be declared elected,, 4. After the oandidate bas he!•n elected he ahall be initiated as l!Oon as pr oticable. 5. The candid111te11 presenting themeelne, the following questions aha.II be proposed to them by the Examining Committee: Will you do all in your power to alleviate t4e wants of the destitute, to assist in educating the people, to i.ecure t all p-irl.!ons equal polit.ical rights, and defend and protect the Constitution und 1aws of the United States? 6, If the eanditlate tball anewer each of the •Qove 'lueations in th

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