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Proceedings of the Convention of the Equal Rights and Educational Association of Georgia : assembled at Macon, October 29th, 1866 : containing the annual address of the president, Captain J.E. Bryant

1866 Macon GA State Convention.18.pdf

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Wiley McClenon and Mr Wm Clarke, Assietaut Marshalls: Rev Robert Anderson was chosen Chaplain of the Cenvention. On motion of H M Turner, of Bibb, voted that a Committee On. Address and the Condition of the Colored People in the State be appointed. The following gentl eruen were appointed: Rev H M Turner of Bibb, Sherman of Dougherty, i'il!JAlistcr of Morgan, Brooks -of Newton, Jas Benifield of Mon r oe. The President appointed the following additional Committees: On Resolutions: Andrew Jackson of Fulton, Gardiner of Han­ cock, Harris of Warren, and Bacon of Clarke. On Constituti"on and ·Po 1i(y tJf the ARsociation Heath of War.. ren, Mann of Fulton, Cokiue of Cobb, and Travis of Monroe, A resolution was unanimously pas ed invitinO' the members of the Union League to seats on the floor of the Conv ntion. Revs Flagg, Turner, and Purdy were appointe·l a committee to inform the mem­ bers of the Union League of the action of the Association. Mr Jno A R-ockwell, Superintendent of Free Schools at Macon, under the American '.\Jissionary .Associ1tion, was introduceu to the Convention by the President. The remainder of the day wai!! spent. in hearing the reports of the dele ates from the different counties giving an account of the con-. dition of the colored people in the counties w Lich they represented.


The Con't"cntion was callerl to order at 7 o'clock by the President. Rev Andrew Jackson, of Fulton , from the Commit.tee on Resolu· tions, reported the followi:1g, which, after oebate, were adopted: Resolved, 'l'hat 'we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equul, that they endow ed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that iimong thesA are lifo, liberty, a::id the· pursuit of happiuess. That t·) secure these rights, governments are instituted am o ag men d eriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.' Rrsolvt?d, Th at in regard to th e franchise, we will never cease to protest again8t all partial legislation, based on color or race, or other adventituous distinctioas. Resolved, That while we protest against all partial legislation, and while we demand equal ri ;;hts for all citiz ens, e.recomm :;.nd that for the cou.dng year the members of our Assocrnt10n  :refram frow public poH.i ea l discu ssion in the meetiags of the Association, and exert their entire influ ence tr estQ.blish schools and educate the people. J. esolved That we ad vise our friends to hold educational conven .. tions in ea h of the Congressional Districts of the State during the comiag year. . Reso 7red, That .,..;e codiall.Y approve of the noble con se pu sue.d py the Loyal Georgian, and tLc ahlc and fearless manner m which it.

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