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Proceedings of the State Convention of Colored Men of the State of Tennessee, :with the addresses of the convention to the white loyal citizens of Tennessee, and the colored citizens of Tennessee. : Held at Nashville, Tenn., August 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 1865.


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Hawkins County.--Alfred McKinney

Franklin County.--R. H. Singleton, Levi Trimble

McMinn County.--L. H. Mazeek, Charles King, Henry Hotle, Henry Rowley.

Meigs County.--Fowler Phillips.

Blount County.-- Charles C. Cobb, A. McLeer.

Honorary Delegates in the Convention


Shelby County.--Isaac Menter, R. Alexander.

17th Regiment U.S.C.T.--J. Houston, I. T. Johnson, W. Myers, W. H. Forrest, Dolphine Pickett.

1st Regiment U.S.C. Artillery, Heavy.--Allen Gooder, Hutsel Clark, E. G. Brown, Robert Johnson, Thomas Lillard, Charles Smith.

13th Regiment U.S.C.T.--Harden Anderson.

Elder Watkins resolutions were discussed and adopted by a vote of 99 to 40.

On motion of Elder Merry, a business Committee of nine was appointed, consisting of three delegates for each division of the state. The following delegates were announced as the committee: D. Brown, Davidson; T. J. White, Maury; T. A. Thornton, of Giles; M. J. R. Gentle, Knox; C. P. Letcher, Hamil-ton; A. McKinney, Hawkins; H. M. Rankin, A Motley; J. W. Jones, of Shelby.

The Committee appointed to wait upon Governor Brownlow and General Fisk, to request the favor of an address, reported that Governor Brownlow's feeble health prevented his from making an address on the occasion. General Fisk signified his acceptance of the invitation.

A committee on Finance was appointed. The following gentlemen were named: F. Parrish, of Davidson; A. Williams, of Williamson; L. H. Mazeck, McMinn; J. Turner, of Wilson, and Serg't S. W. Reynolds, of 15th U.S. col. inf.

Pending a discussion of the finance question, General Fisk entered the hall amid loud cheering and applause.

Mr. Watkins introduced the following resolution:

Whereas, we, in Convention assembled, in order to deliberate, as far as we are able, upon the present condition and future prospects of the colored people of Tennessee; and whereas, it is expedient, in all our deliberations will put forth to them our sentiments.

Resolved, That we will publish an address to them and cause it to be circulated throughout the State.

Whereas, the petition presented by the colored people of Tennessee to the Legislature thereof, has not been disposed of by that body; as we under-stand, because they do not know the sentiments of the constituents--there-fore, be it

Resolved, That we publish an appeal to the loyal white citizens of Tennessee upon the subject matter contained in the said petition. Isasmush as the Federal Government has called for the assistance in putting down the late iniquitous rebellion, and acknowledge not only our humanity and right to freedom, but our just claim to all other citizens under the Government; therefore be it

Resolved, That we protest against the Congressional delegates from Tennessee being received into congress of the United States, if the Legis-lature of Tennessee does not grant the petition before it prior to December 1. 1865.

They were laid over till afternoon.

A lively debate followed the reading of the resolutions and the Rev. James Lynch, of Baltimore, Maryland, spoke as follows:

I rise to a question of privilege. I read in the Nashville Dispatch the following, which I suppose will be copied in the New York herald, the World, and the News--edited ostensibly by Ben Wood, and, perhaps, by John Mitchell. Also, in the Cincinnati Enquirer, and other copperhead papers. I beg to

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