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Proceedings of the State Convention of Colored Men of the State of Tennessee, :with the addresses of the convention to the white loyal citizens of Tennessee, and the colored citizens of Tennessee. : Held at Nashville, Tenn., August 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 1865.


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had no credentials, but can bring proper evidence that they were elected by a constituency.

In recommending this course your Committee know that they are departing from customary rules in like cases, but at the same time that they do not believe that the departure of all things considered would prove detrimental to the cause in which we are engaged. We all have one common aim and one common object to accomplish. This being true then, we respectfully ask if it is not likely that more harm would result from the rejection of gentlemen, said to have been fairly elected, than would result from admitting all.

These are gentlemen claiming seats which are contested. But as you deal with one, you should deal with all. Therefore, for the good of all, we re-spectfully ask that you exclude none. We do not propose that the gentlemen from the Thirteenth District e entitled to vote, or eligible to hold office in this Convention.

The following name of delegates was then presented and the names called:

A discussion ensued which resulted in the rejection of the contestants from the Thirteenth District.

The Rev. Jas. Lynch, of Baltamore, spoke earnestly and ably in support of sufferage.

The Convention then adjourned till 3 P.M.

Second Day

Afternoon session.

The Convention was called to order, President in the chair, and after prayer, the Delegates names were called, and the Convention declared fully organized. The following is a full list of members.

Roll of Delegates

Maury Country.--James Rapier, Thomas J. White, Jno. Lockridge, Jackson Thompson.

Rutherford County.--Braxton James, N. B. Frierson.

Cannon County.-- Washington Fugitt.

Bradley County.--Anthony Carter.

Shelby County.--H. N. Rankin, Anthony Motley', J. W. Jones, Warner Madison, Isaac Minter, R. Alexander.

Washington County.--Ferdinand Maxwell.

Williamson County.-- Allen N. C. Williams.

Smith County.-- Richard Letchford, A. L. Gordon, J. M. Marchbanks, James Caruthers.

Davidson County.-- Daniel Watkins, Sr. Frank Parrish, Nelson Walker, Richard Harris, Nelson G. Merry, Ransom Harris, Richard Howard, James Caf-frey, Edward Woods, William Miller, Alfred Menefee, William Sumner, Robt. L. Harris.

Battery A. 2d. Light Artillery U.S.C.T.--H.J. Maxwell, J.L. Brown, Henry Quay, John Powell.

Fifteenth U.S.C.T.--G.W. Reynolds, J. Powell, Owen Grundy, Taylor Turner, C.H. Barnett, John Jackson.

Fourth Regiment U.S.C.T.--G.A. Griffith, Henry Thompson, S. Hard-ison, Thomas Elison.

Giles County.--T.A. Thornton, Neil Brown, Lewis Brown, L.J. Johnson, Danger Rhodes, Thomas Abernathy, Henry Webb, Orange Jones, Willis Bramlet.

Lincoln County.--Willis Myers, Charles Russell.

Bedford County.--J.J. McEroy, C.W. Tillman, George Eakin.

Wilson County.--Osborne Greene, Nathan Doaks, Lewis Waters, Joseph Smith, Silas Smith, Quiler Turner.

Hamilton County.--J.C. Strickland, George Caldwell, H.H. Houston, C.P. Letcher.

Sumner County.--Edmund Jones, Columbus Johnson, H.W. Kee, H. Bower.

Knox County.--M.J.R. Gentle, Abram Ford, H. Alexander, James Mason.

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