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Proceedings of the State Convention of Colored Men of the State of Tennessee, :with the addresses of the convention to the white loyal citizens of Tennessee, and the colored citizens of Tennessee. : Held at Nashville, Tenn., August 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 1865.


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Afternoon session.

The Convention met pursuant to adjournment, Mr. Yentle in the chair. Prayer was made by Elder Edwin James, of Sumner county. The following hymn was sung:

O God, our help in ages past;

Our help in years to come,

Our shelter from the stormy blast,

And out eternal home.

Under the shadow of thy throne,

Still may we dwell secure;

Sufficient is thine arm alone,

And our defence is sure.

The delegates handed in their credentials, and the list of nominations reported by the Committee on Permanent Organization was rejected. The following officers were then elected:

President--Nelson Walker, of Davidson.

Vice President--Warren Madison, of__, Rowley Mason, of__; Perter Lowrey, of Davidson.

Secretaries--A. Smith, of Davidson; Motley Maxwell, of Washington.

An excited and confused discussion ensued on the committee report.

A motion was adopted for the appointment of a committee of nine, three from each division of the State, on credentials, was adopted.

The following delegates were appointed as that committee:

Middle Tennessee--N. G. Merry, Richard Harris, and Ranson Harris.

East Tennessee--A. McKinney, H. Alexander and Sergt.Hardison.

West Tennessee--J. J. W. Jones; A. Motley and H. A. Rankin.

A committee of three on rules was then adopted.

The following delegates were elected:

Jas. Rapier, of Maury; D. Lapsley of Giles, and Sergt. Griffith, 14th U. S. C. I.

A committee of three was appointed to wait upon Gov. Brownlow3 and Gen. C. B. Fisk4 and invite them to address the convention on Tuesday evening.

After discussion it was determined to hold evening sessions for speaking. A number of speeches were announced. The convention then adjourned for speaking till 9 A.M., Tuesday.


Morning Session.

The Convention met pursuant to adjournment, and opened with prayer from the Rev. Mr. Garter. The President in the chair.

The minutes of the preceding sessions were read and approved.

The Committee on Credentials not having reported, on motion of Mr. Watkins, the President appointed James Chavons as Marshal of the Convention.

On motion of Mr. Watkins, the President was empowered to call out any clergyman he thought proper to open with prayer.

The Committee on Rules reported, and after some slight amendments the report was adopted. The Committee was discharged.

A number of [persons] were elected honorary members.

The Committee on Credentials then presented the following report:

To the Convention: In compliance with the instructions given us by hour honorable body, that the Committee on Credentials should impartially consider the claims of all announcing themselves as Delegates, your Committee have the honor to report that they have entered upon the discharge of their duties with the determination to set upon the best judgement, "with malice toward none, but charity toward all."5 Being thus actuated, your Committee is of the opinion that, for the sake of harmony, and to present any unnecessary discus-sion, that it will be your duty to admit all delegates who claim to have been properly elected who

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