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Proceedings of the State Convention of Colored Men of the State of Tennessee, :with the addresses of the convention to the white loyal citizens of Tennessee, and the colored citizens of Tennessee. : Held at Nashville, Tenn., August 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 1865.


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                                PROCEEDING OF THE STATE CONVENTION

First Day--Morning Session. Pursuant to the call of the Executive Committee, issued May 27th, 1865, the Convention of the Colored People of this State met in St. John's Chapel, A.M.E. Church, at 10 A.M., August 7th, 1865.

The house was filled to overflowing, and the Convention being called to order by A. Smith, of Davidson county, Chairman of the Executive Committee, and the objects of the assembly were explained by N. Walker, of Davidson--the call being read--when W. J. Gentle, of Knox, was elected temporary chairman and T. J. White, of Maury county, Secretary.

The Rev. N. G. Merry then addressed the Throne of Grace. After singing an appropriate hymn, Daniel Watkins, of Davidson, moved that a committee of one from each geographical division of the State be appointed on Permanent Organization.

Lieut. H. M. Rankin, of Memphis, moved to amend by making the Committee one from each county.

Considerable discussion ensued. Mr. Watkins motion was lost, as was also the amendment.

On motion of Mr. Harris, of Davidson, a committee of three from each district of the State was adopted. The following gentleman were nominated: Middle Tennessee--Ranson Harris, of Davidson; James T. Rapier, of Maury; B. P. Frierson, of Rutherford. East Tennessee--H. Alexander, of Knox; C. A. McKinney, of Hawkins; F. Maxwell, of Washington. West Tennessee--H. N. Rankin, J. J. W. Jones, and Warren Madison, of Shelby.

While the committee were absent, the Rev. Mr. Shepherd, Chaplain of the 17th U.S. Colored Infantry, was called upon to address the Convention. He responded in well-timed and earnest words of sympathy, encouragement and advice to the audience for good order during the proceedings. In closing, the Chaplain expressed his gratification at the present, and said for twenty years he had labored for the good of the slave, and for the freedom of all men.

A. Griffin, of Smith county, was then called for. Mr. G. is one of the very few Southern white men who, outgrowing the prejudices of race and condition, stands for the inalienable rights of man. His remarks were earnest and sincere and warmly received.

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