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Proceedings of the Colored national convention, held in Rochester, July 6th, 7th, and 8th, 1853.


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man in this country. Oppressed! What evidence is there of it? Is there a free colored man who can drive a hack or a dray in the city of New York? Has there never been a riot in the free States of Ohio? Many. Have there never been riots in Massachusetts? Yes. In Philadelphia? Yes. And who have been the victims of these riots? The free black man. And why does not this occur oftener than it does? It is because we have a mighty West, and West creates a demand for labor, which leaves no room on sea board on all the avenues of employment for the white man and the black man to travel together, in pursuit of bread, without jostling each other. But the time will come, the time is coming—and it has been referred to in one of the addresses which have been made this evening, when there will be but ONE LOAF OF BREAD, AND TWO MEN TO EAT IT: who would get it?"

But the great point with the party, and the one upon which they claim a victory, is the fact, that the independence of the Government of Liberia, has been recognized by Great Britain, France, Prussia. This is easily met.

(1) Why does not the American government recognize the Independence of the government of Hayti, whose trade is only surpassed in value by two other nations, with whom we are connected in commerce.

(2) Why does not Britain recognize the rights of the African chiefs' government, to rule their own subjects?

(3) Why does not France recognize the independence of Algiers?

(4) We demur to the claim of bonafide independence on the part of the Republic of Liberia, because the colonization PARTY in this country, several of the slave States, and proslavery individuals still exert a controlling influence over its territory. The colonization party in this country is obnoxious to the colored race, because it seems to be profoundly ignorant of some important facts in the present state of Africa, or else it wilfully conceals or ignores them so as to gain its object. Is it not known to the members of the American colonization party, that some of the native African tribes, are as white as they are themselves? HEREN, Vol.1, page 295,speaking of one of the large nations of Fezzan, says the western branch of the race is white.” Capt. Lyon, of the British Navy, speaking of the same race, says, they are generally white.” Africa is by more than forty separate and distinct families of nations, speaking more than one hundred and twenty different languages. In the families are to be found all the varieties of races, that are in any other portion of the Globe. With what kind of honesty then, can the colonization party of America, teach that Africa is exclusively our country, when it is false, in the face of this fact drawn from the natural history of man in that land. But making all due allowances for the differences of opinion, in reference to the native population of Africa, why does the party conceal from the colored men in this country, the fact that the whites have been colonizing themselves in Africa, for nearly a century, and that they are at this moment, as they have been for nearly a half century in mortal combat with the natives, to drive them from the south, and west, across the interior, to the extreme east, Is that party aware that the Dutch Boors, the mortal haters of the Africans, have just established a Republic in Africa, with the avowed intention of incorporating into it, a large tract of the best inland. Unless all and every one of the present schemes of colonization in Africa, be utterly discarded, and a pure system of Gospel Evangelization, be adopted in the stead thereof, Africa is destined to be the theatre of bloody conflict, between her native sons, and intruding foreigners, black and white, for a century yet to come.

The British in the South and the North, the French in the south-east and the Americans on the west, speculating in lands, cheating and warring, afford little promise of a political milennium for the land of Ham.

The LIBERIANS themselves, with their government backing them, are pursuing precisely, the same policy, that other colonizers have for the last hundred years in Africa: 1. They boast that they have made their arms so often felt, that no combination of the natives can be induced to fight them.” The following extract appeared, in one of the most widely circulated Papers in Europe some time since, when President Roberts was negotiating funds to purchase Gallinas.” “Vast pains have been taken in the American press,

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