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Proceedings of the Colored national convention, held in Rochester, July 6th, 7th, and 8th, 1853.


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up. Mr. A. R. Green moved that the power of selecting a location for the Manual Labor School be retained, as in the original draft, which was, that we allow the Convention to select. Mr. George T. Downing moved that we pass to the next article; agreed to. The fourth and fifth articles read and agreed to Article sixth read. Mr. Joseph C. Holley moved to amend by inserting the words "and all books by colored authors;" agreed; and the article as amended agreed to. Article seventh read; amended by the addition of the following, after the words "shall meet at least once a month,” the words "or as often as possible;" amendment and resolution agreed to. Article eighth read amended by the words "shall be empowered to receive, and appropriate donations for the carrying out of the objects of the same.” Mr. Parker moved to amend that the Council meet at least once in six months; agreed to. Article as amended agreed to. Mr. Downing moved that the delegations from the several States be requested to meet between this and the evening session, and agree upon such persons as they desire to represent them in the National Council; agreed to. Article ninth read and agreed to. Article tenth read. Mr. Bowser proposed the following amendment: that the lyceum be located in Pittsburgh, which was amended to Cincinnati, to Chicago, to Portland, Me. After which the article was adopted. Article eleventh read and agreed to. Article twelfth read and agreed to. Article thirteenth read and agreed to. Article third again taken up. Mr. Reasons substitute laid on the table. James M'Cune Smith moved that the location of the Manual Labor School be left to the National Council not agreed to.

Donations of $2 from Mr. W. Whipper, of Columbia, Penn.; Mr. Bradford King, of Rochester, 2; Mr. T. Thomas, of Mass., paid his tax, as a member of the Convention.



President in the chair. Prayer by the Rev. Boyd Parker. Mr. Parker moved that the Financial Committee be requested to wait upon the audience, and receive such donations as they may be willing to make; agreed to. Third article of the plan of organization again taken up, together with the amendment, which was, "that the board of Trustees of the Manual Labor School, shall locate the school in the State designated by the Council;" amendment agreed to. On the final passage of the article, the ayes and noes being called for, the article was adopted, ayes 80; noes, 23. Motion to re-consider laid on the table. One dollar each was paid by Messrs. W. H. Channing and Francis Thompson, to be constituted honorary members. J. H. Hurley paid his tax as member of the Convention. Mr. Downing moved that the names presented by the various delegations be adopted by this Convention, as members of the National Council; agreed to.

The following names were reported:

Vermont—J. W. Lewis, St. Albans; H. C. Smith, Burlington. Massachusetts—W. C. Nell, Boston; J. B. Sanderson, Fairhaven.

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