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Proceedings of the Colored national convention, held in Rochester, July 6th, 7th, and 8th, 1853.


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and educate our families, without resorting to this question—great only in meanness. I hope moderation, wisdom and discretion will guide you in your councils, and may your Convention result in harmonizing your efforts, and the general welfare of the civilized world, Yours respectfully,


Report from Finance Committee read and accepted.

On motion, adjourned.


Vice President, Amos G. Beman, in the chair. Prayer by Rev. C. B. Ray. Minutes read and accepted. Mr. McCrummel moved that the vote rejecting the report on Social Relation be reconsidered.

A resolution from the Finance Committee that each member of this Convention be taxed the additional sum of one dollar, to meet the deficiency in funds for defraying the expenses of the Convention; and that friends present be invited to enroll their names as such ; lost. Moved, that an opportunity be given to all those who feel willing to contribute toward the defraying the expenses of the Convention, to do so agreed to. Moved, that the Convention adjourn tonight at eleven oclock, sine die; agreed to. By Mr. McCrummel, that all reports and resolutions not already adopted by the Convention be referred to a committee of six on publication, with instructions to print them, omitting such statements or ideas as have appeared objectionable to the Convention; lost. Mr. G. M. Willis, of Jefferson, Co., N.Y., and R. D. Willis, of Oneida Co, paid one dollar and entered their names on the roll.

James M'Cune Smith moved that the Committee on Literature be allowed further time to report; withdrawn. Mr. Sumner renewed the motion, stating that the Committee had been appointed so late in the session that they could not prepare a proper report; agreed to. Leave refused to Messrs. Gaines and Sumner to withdraw from the Committee, The preamble of the plan of organization taken up. The amendments of Mr. Downing were agreed to. Mr. J. M. Langston moved to strike out all that portion of the preamble offered by Mr. Whipper, as, in his opinion, the preamble reported from the Business Committee was sufficiently explicit upon the objects of the organization, and not liable to the objections to the others; agreed to. First article of the plan for organization was taken up. Mr. C. B. Ray moved to strike out the word Legislature, and insert the word Council; agreed to. Article as amended; agreed to. Article second taken up. Mr. J. N. Still moved to amend by adding to the list of officers a Vice President and Corresponding Secretary; agreed to. Mr. Jenkins moved that all committees consist of five members; agreed to. Mr. Kenney, of New York, moved that three be added a Committee on Commerce; lost. The article as amended; agreed to. Article third taken

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