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Proceedings of the Colored national convention, held in Rochester, July 6th, 7th, and 8th, 1853.


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Report accepted. Mr. William H. Day read a report from the Committee on Agriculture. [Mr. Day has neglected to send in his report for publication.— Committee.] Mr. James M'Cune Smith moved that all reports brought before this Convention be published; withdrawn. Report was received from the Business Committee, consisting of a communication from M. F. Newsome, Esq.; Cass, Michigan ; J. Keep of Oberlin, Ohio ; J. Wilson, M.D., of Philadelphia ; Samuel Aaron, and A. Dewey, from the same place,—of resolutions by H. O. Wagener, Illinois ; L. Tillman, and A. R. Green. Mr. Josephus Fowler read a report on Temperance, &c. [This report is not among the papers handed to the Publishing Committee.]

On motion, adjourned.


Vice President, Amos G. Beman, in the chair. Prayer by W. C. Munroe Minutes read, corrected and approved.

Mr. C. B. Ray moved that each member of the Convention be furnished gratuitously with as many copies of the reports of the Convention as the number printed will allow ; agreed to. Dr. Pennington now read the report on Colonization, together with appropriate resolutions ; report received. [It is to be regretted that this report by Dr. Pennington has not been handed in for publication.] Mr. C. B. Ray moved its adoption, pending which motion, Messrs. Charles L. Remond, J. I. Gaines, J. M. Langston and Frederick Douglass took the stand, reviewing the position of the Colonization Society.

Report and resolutions accepted. Mr. Bowser, of Philadelphia, offered two resolutions, which were accepted.

On motion, adjourned.


Vice President, William H. Day, in the Chair. Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Wilson of New York. Minutes read and approved. On motion, the reading of the roll was dispensed with. Report from Business Committee received. Resolutions by H. O. Wagoner of Illinois, referred to Business Committee. Committee on Statistics reported that the reports came in so slowly from the various delegations, and that the subject matter was of such great importance, that they felt they would not have time to prepare such a report as its importance demanded. Report received and Committee discharged. On motion, it was agreed to appoint a Committee, consisting of one from each State, of which James M'Cune Smith shall be chairman, to digest and publish, at an early date as possible, a statistical report of the condition of the colored people of the United States. On bringing up the report on national organization, Dr. Smith made a few eloquent remarks. The report, with additions from Com.? on Commerce, was read. All was agreed that it be taken up in sections. Mr. Douglass spoke, showing the necessity for such an organization. Mr. Walker, of Ohio, and Mr. L. Woodson, of Pennsylvania, both claiming the floor, the

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