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Proceedings of the Colored national convention, held in Rochester, July 6th, 7th, and 8th, 1853.


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Freeman moved that the President be added to the committee on Colonization. Amended, that there be an addition of two from each State, and that the Convention nominate. Agreed to. The President announced the committee on Literature: Messrs. A. M. Sumner, G. B. Vashon, J. I. Gaines. A letter from Mr. F. T. Newsome, of Cass Co., Michigan, read and referred to business committee. Report of committee on Finance taken up and discussed. Rev. W. C. Munroe thought members of the Convention should be taxed one, two or three dollars to meet expenses; was entirely opposed to begging. Other gentlemen thought that there were friends, both able and willing to assist, who should be allowed the opportunity. Report laid over to permit Rev. A. R. Green to discuss the report on Social Relations. The gentleman argued that we are mainly consumers, and not producers. Rules suspended to allow Mr. Green to continue his remarks. Mr. J. M. Langston followed, adducing proofs that we are producers. Mr. Gloster defended the views set forth in the report. Mr. Harris rejoined. Mr. J. G. Bowers followed on the same side, Mr. Downing moved that the report be referred to the Committee, with the addition of Mr. J. M. Langston, with instructions to strike out obnoxious passages. Lost. Mr. Gordon moved its indefinite postponement. Lost. The previous question was now called for. The report, as amended by Mr. Langston, being put to the Convention, was declared doubtful. Mr. G. T. Downing called for the Ayes and Noes; upon which the report was rejected—ayes 31, noes 63. On motion, adjourned.


President in the chair. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Driver. Mr. Jenkins moved that tomorrow (Friday) evening be devoted to a public meeting. Amended, that this evening be devoted to that purpose; not agreed to. Motion lost— Report of committee on Finance taken up. Mr. Green moved that the committee be instructed to forthwith report an estimate of the probable expenses of the Convention. Agreed to. The committee reported that the probable expense would be as follows:

For rent of Hall.------------------------------60.00

Printing Report.----------------------------- 5000


Mr. Downing moved that the roll be now called, and that delegates pay one dollar as they answer to their names. Agreed to. The roll being called, one hundred and fourteen members answered to their names. The sum collected ($114) was handed over to the committee on Finance.

The report on Colonization was made the special order of the evening.

Mr. Sumner moved that the remainder of the afternoon, or so much of it as may be necessary, be devoted to reading reports, c. Agreed to.

Mr. George W. Clark favored the Convention with a song. The Committee on Commerce reported through their Chairman, Mr. George T. Downing, the following paper:

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