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Proceedings of the Colored national convention, held in Rochester, July 6th, 7th, and 8th, 1853.


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President in the Chair. Prayer by Rev. Benjamin Templeton. Minutes read and approved.

Mr. Sumner moved that the roll be called, and that the members come forward and contribute one dollar towards paying the expenses of the Convention. Lost.

Letters from sundry gentleman of New Jersey read by Mr. Wm. H. Day, and on his motion, referred to the Business Committee. Report 3 from Business Committee, read and accepted. Report from Committee on Social Relations, read by the Chairman, Mr. Wm. Wilson, as follows.


Your Committee would respectfully submit the following:

That the guarantee of our growth, strength and permanence, as a people in this country, finds its basis in the healthy, vigorous and progressive state of our Social Relations; and these relations will find their greatest nurture, growth and strength in a wise and well directed polity.

Whether judiciously sustained to the whites, or healthy among ourselves, these relations exist.

In these relations, then, we recognize—first our homes surrounded by their varied appendages and influences, all operating for good or evil, and demanding the most serious deliberation and direction of this body.

We find here, the husband, wife—the parent, child—into whose performance, at least so far as pertains to the best well-being of society, the test of our severest scrutiny should pass.

Questions here arise, and should be met, in these deliberations, how far each go, or know how to go, to fulfil the measures of these obligations. What the state and condition of our homes? What the prospect of the parent 7 What the culture, training, and future prospect of the child? What the hopes, the what aspirations of each In a word, what the whole aspect of affairs? In the generation of today looking forward to tomorrow, or beyond it, for a permanent footing, a stable home, and a happy condition in this country :

A vigorous and searching inquiry should also be instituted between our homes and the homes of our white neighbors, and point out whatever differences that may exist for our benefit. We think it may safely be admitted, that while there have existed centuries of servitude on the one side, and the same amount of freedom on the other, the original disparity between the two classes has greatly lessened; still we are of opinion that the proximity should have been still nearer, especially when we take into account that the one has been something more than a mere spectator to the scenes of improvement and progress of the other, most of this length of time.

And further: we are of opinion that the burthen of our disabilities, moral, social and political. finds its issue in these differences, whether they be found among ourselves, or are forced upon us by the community from without,

False ideas of natural inferiority, wicked prejudices, foul hatred, and all kindred bars to our progress, find their sources here.

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