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Minutes of the Freedmen's Convention, Held in the City of Raleigh, on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th of October, 1866


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To the Legislature of North-Carolina, and the Congress of the U.S., hereafter to assemble.

GENTLEMEN: - The Convention of colored men, which met in the City of Raleigh, N.C., on the 2nd day of Oct. 1866, take this method to return their grateful and heartfelt thanks for the cordial acceptation and kind treatment of the petition presented to your honorable body at your last assembly.

We also feel it to be our bounden duty to return our thanks for what you have done in removing the disabilities under which we labored, and which were contrary to the genius of a republican government, to liberty and humanity. The Convention continues to pray your honorable body to give us protection in the future. as we have shown ourselves loyal and peaceable citizens in the past.

We further pray your honorable body to give us the right of suffrage, in common with other citizens of the United States, in consideration of our loyalty, citizenship and merit.

Believe us Gentlemen, Your Obedient Servants,

J. H. Harris, President.

Geo. A. Rue, Chairman Business Committee.


I. This Society shall be known as the Educational Association of ——. auxiliary to the Educational Association of North-Carolina.

II. The object of this Association is to aid in the establishment of Schools from which none shall be excluded for color or poverty, and to encourage unsectarian education in this country, especially among the freedmen.

III. An adult who favors the above object may become a member by signing this Constitution and contributing one dollar or more at the beginning of each year.

IV. The officers shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, whose duties shall be such as their titles indicate. There shall also be a Board of Trustees, of which the Secretary and Treasurer shall be members ex officio.

V. The management of the Association shall be committed to a Board of Trustees of five besides the Secretary and Treasurer, which shall appoint its own Chairman and make its own by-laws.

VI. It shall be the duty of the Board of Trustees to provide one or more school houses, keep them in good repair, and supply fuel. It shall also provide a pleasant home for teachers, and pay their salary so far as able. It may raise funds by annual exhibitions or by contributions, concerts, fairs, &c., and in general shall have full authority to conduct the affairs of the Association, subject tp the approval of the State Association. But the Trustees shall not, without instructions, involve the Association in debt, nor shall any of them receive compensation from the Treasurer.

VII. The Secretary shall, once a year, or as often as desired, send a report to the Parent Association of the condition of the fields and the proceedings of the Association.

VIII. There shall be a meeting on the ——, at which the Treasurer and the Board of Trustees shall present written reports, and all officers shall be elected except that the Trustees shall be elected two each year to serve three years.

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