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Minutes of the Freedmen's Convention, Held in the City of Raleigh, on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th of October, 1866


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A motion to receive certain gentlemen as honorary members of the Convention created quite a debate by various persons, which lasted some considerable length of time, but was finally carried.

By order of the President, the business Committee reported through their Chairman, Dr. H. J. Brown, the following resolutions, which were received, but not adopted, at a previous meeting :

Whereas, In the Counties of Jones, Duplin, Wayne, Craven, Hyde, Halifax, and others in this State, outrages are being committed, such as killing, shooting and robbing the unprotected people, for the most trivial offences, and, in many instances, for no offence at all ; and, whereas, those criminals who permit these fiendish outrages are allowed to roam freely at large without being arrested for their crimes ; therefore,

1. Be it resolved, That the colored people in every county, district and village throughout the State form themselves into auxiliary leagues, which leagues must be connected with the State organization, its bureau to be located in Raleigh, N.C., and whose duty it shall be to receive reports of outrages from auxiliary quarters, or from the people of said counties, &c, and communicate them to headquarters, and such newspapers throughout the county as it may deem proper, so that the government and the world may know of the cruelties inflicted upon us and the disadvantages under which we labor.

2. Resolved, That the representatives of the colored people of North-Carolina fully appreciate, with profound gratitude, and endorse the action of the 39th Congress in the passage of the Freedmen's Bureau bill, Civil Rights bill and the Constitutional amendment. Hoping that a like spirit of justice and humanity may guide the acts of their 40th session, until legislation shall protect equally the rights of all American people, without regard to race or color, for which we shall ever pray.

3. Whereas, The unreconstructed States regard taxation without representation unjust, and not in conformity with a Republican form of government ; therefore,

Be it resolved, That we native born colored citizens of North-Carolina regard the same principle as applicable to us in every relation, unjust and directly in violation to our sacred rights as American citizens ; and,

4. Whereas, In and through the counties of this State our children, the dearest ties of which binds us to domestic life and which makes the ties of home endearing, are ruthlessly taken from us and bound out without our consent ; therefore,

Be it resolved, That we earnestly protest against such violations, and will do all in our power to prevent its further continuation.

5. Resolved, That is shall be the duty of every member of the Convention on returning home to form or cause to be formed an Equal Rights League in or near the place wherein such member shall reside and to do all in his power to promote their increase throughout other portions of his county.

6. Resolved, That the delegates of this Convention advise the colored people, in their respective localities, to form themselves into join State companies, wherever practical ; also, that they respect and patronize each other in their various branches of business.

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