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Minutes of the Freedmen's Convention, Held in the City of Raleigh, on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th of October, 1866


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CHATHAM—John Smith, Jno. Evans, Nathan Coe, Daniel Blacken, Mr. Perry.

BUNCOMBE—Felix Grimes.

HAYWOOD—Alfred Live.

ROCKINGHAM—Juba Dilworth, Sam'l Johnson.

STANLY—C. A. Coble.

RUTHERFORD—Rev. V. Mikeral.

POLK—G. W. Paine.

UNION—Daniel Culberson.

HARNETT—Menry Williams.

MOORE—Niel Thos. Cain Williams.

CLEAVELAND—John Wellman.

LINCOLN—Edward Cobb.


JOHNSTON—Rufus Beckwith, J. B. Allen.

CATAWBA—Augustus Roseman.

GREENE—Dennis Best.

CURRITUCK—A. M. Ferebee.

HOLLY SPRINGS LEAGUE—Isaac Norris, Ned Valentine, James Howell.

115 Delegates—60 Counties represented.

On motion the law of the Convention was decided on by the Chairman, instructing the Sergeant at arms to allow no person excepting delegates to sit within the bar.

Mr. Bowman, of Fayetteville, suggested to the house the importance of inviting various distinguished citizens of North-Carolina, and the heads of the Military department.

Some objections being made, Mr. Cawthorn, of Warren, endeavored to show to the members of the Convention the necessity of endeavoring to form a test of sincere friendship between the two races.

Mr. Cawthorn was ably sustained by Messrs. J. R. Good, J. T. Leary and H. Morrison.

The Committee on verbal Credentials then made their report, through their Chairman, Rev. A. Bass:

We, your Committee on verbal Credentials, after examining persons having no written credentials, has found that the omission of said credentials were an oversight, and in few cases caused by ignorance; nevertheless, we firmly believe that these persons here present are the persons chosen by the colored people in various parts of the State. We, therefore, recommend these persons to your consideration, and would, also, suggest that they be admitted as full members of the Convention, with all rights and privileges accorded to them.

On motion the President were authorized to appoint a business Committee of five.

Dr. Brown offered an amendment that the number should

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