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Convention of Colored Newspaper Men Cincinnati, August 4th, 1875, Wednesday A. M.


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The Committee on Press Association, presented the following report, which was laid over for further consideration:

CINCINNATI, August 4, 1875.

"The committee to whom was referred the examination of the suggestions to the Convention:

"SUGGESTION 1.—That a Press Association, consisting of owners, editors and professional writers for newspapers conducted by colored men, be established by the Convention now assembled here. That such Association, when formed, shall elect its own officers, make its own regulations, and prescribe its own rules of admission, and its laws of government. That the election of officers, and all other business necessary to a complete organization, take place in this city, between Wednesday and Friday next.

"SUGGESTION 2—That the Convention designate some newspaper owned and edited by colored men. now in existence, or to be established, as the organ of the colored people, and that the Convention appeal, by address and otherwise, to the various Colored Societies, such as Masons, Odd Fellows, Good Samaritans, and others, to set apart a yearly sum of money, for which they shall receive a compensation in a specified number of copies of the journal, as a certain means of support for it, and the place of its publication be determined by the Convention.

"SUGGESTION 3—That a company be formed at this Convention, representing at least ten weekly journals, with a view of dealing with some manufacturing house, for the securement, under contract, or otherwise, the material used in newspaper publication, at a cheaper rate than can be bought of different houses , and that such company elect it own officers, and adopt the regulations necessary for its own government, provided this be done be ore the adjournment of the Convention.

"SUGGESTION 4—That all known colored editors, who founded or conducted newspapers in this country, be made honorary members of the Convention; and that the letters written in apology for the absence, form part of the records of the Convention, provided, it be understood that no person shall become a member of the Press Association, or the Business Company formed at the Convention, except those actually connected with existing newspapers.


Quite a spirited little debate occurred on the report of the committee, Senator Burch objecting to any but the owners of newspapers being eligible to membership in such Association, and speaking in rather a sarcastic vein, of the large number of proxies and former newspaper men in the Convention. Rev. Mr. Turner, and several other "proxies" resisted the objection, and indulged in several sharp exchanges with the Senator form Louisiana. It being the general feeling that the action of the Convention on the subject, should be more in the form of a recommendation to the newspaper men, the report was recommitted to the committee for amendment.


The Committee on National Convention made the following report:


WHEREAS, the unhealthy condition of the public

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