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Convention of Colored Newspaper Men Cincinnati, August 4th, 1875, Wednesday A. M.


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will be accepted for what they are worth. I demand nothing for our race because they are black. Even the wrongs of two hundred years I will overlook, although they entitle us to some consideration. Still I hope the future will present no necessity for frequent reference to this matter.

The speaker said he would not advise any separate political organization; but as the Irish and the German citizens of this country had their organizations for the promotion of their mutual interests, they must consolidate their efforts and work together harmoniously to a common purpose.

Mr. Pinchback then called Mr. J. Henri Burch to preside as temporary Chairman.

On motion L.D. Easton was made temporary Secretary.

Gover Pinchback moved that the appointment of a committee of three on permanent organization.

A Committee on Credentials was also voted. The chairman announced as the Committee on Credentials, Messrs. J.H. Jackson, J. Sella Martin, M. W. Gibbs.

Committee on Organization—Messrs. P.B.S. Pinchback, H.M. Turner and B.W. Arnett.

After fifteen minutes recess the Committees made the following


The committee on Credentials reported the following delegates:

American Citizen, Lexington, Kentucky—Henry Scroggins, J.H. Jackson, J.M. Jackson. James Turner, Henry King.

Planet, Memphis, Tennessee—E.D. Shaw.

Elevator, San Francisco, California—L.H. Douglasss.

Louisianian, New Orleans—P.B.S. Pinchback, G.T. Rubey.

True Republican, Carroll Parish, Louisiana—J. Sella Martin.

Grand Era, Baton Rouge, Louisiana—J.H. Burch.

Pacific Appeal—M.W. Gibbs.

Spectator, Galveston, Texas — Peter H. Clark.

Concordia Eagle, Louisiana—David Young.

Christian Recorder, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—B.W. Arnett, H.M. Turner.

Colored Citizen, Cincinnati, Ohio.—Charles W. Bell.

Progressive American, New York—General T.M. Chester.

Terre Bonne Republican, Louisiana—W.G. Brown.

L.D. Easton.

The report was adopted.


The Committee on Organization reported:

For President—Peter H. Clark.

Vice President—L.H. Douglass.

Secretary—Geo. T. Rubey.

Assistant Secretaries—J.C. Jackson, L. D. Easton.

The Chairman then asked if the Convention

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