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Proceedings of the National Convention of the Colored Men of America: held in Washington, D.C., on January 13, 14, 15, and 16, 1869.

1869 National Convention in Washington DC 59.pdf

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LIST OF HONORARY GOY. EGGLESTON, Miss. A. M. POWELL, N. Y. COL. HINTON, Kansas. E. M. DAVIS, Penn. HON. J. W. FORNEY, Penn. COL. A. R. MCLURE, HON. J. R. FRENCH, N. C. J. C. UNDERWOOD, Va. JAMES MORRISEY, J. M. HUMPHRIES, T. L. TULLOCH, N. H. JOSEPH WARREN, N. II. GOY. MERRILL, Iowa. JAMES HARLAN, HENRY WILSON, Mass. CHARLES SUMNER, GEO. H. BOUTWELL, Mass. WM. LOYD GARRISON, WENDELL PHILLIPS, WM. C. NELL, Mass. GEN. 0. 0. HOWARD, PROF. WILLCOX, H. M. JOHNSON, C. A. STAWART, MEMBERS OF THE CONVENTION. HON. HORACE MAYNARD, Teurn S. M. ARNELL, Tenn. JOHN TRIMBLE, GEO. W. JULIAN, Ind. J. M. ASHLEY, Ohio. J. W. ALVORD, Esq. HON. WM. D. KELLEY, Penn. ROBERT PURVIS, Esq., Penn. BISHOP J. D. BROOKS. J. J. MOORE, Cal. HON. H. L. HOND, Md. JOHN M. THAYER, Neb. H. P. H. BROMWELL, Ill. WILLARD WARNER, Ala. C. W. BUCKLEY, B. W. MORRIS, GEG. E. SPENCER, C. W. PIERCE, GERRIT SMITH, Esq., N. Y. COL, MILLIGAN, D. C. MAJ. M. R. DELANEY, S. C. HON. KIRBY BENEDICT, N. M. ____DURAND,D.C. REPORT OF ACTING BOARD OF NATIONAL EX. COMMITTEE. The undersigned, take this opportunity of giving a brief report of their action since the adjournment of the adjournment of the Convntion. The National Executive Committee met in Washington, D. C., on the 20th January, the following members were present; G. T. Downing, Rhode Island; J. M. Langston, Ohio; F. G. Barbadoes, Massachusetts; T. W. Stringer, Missis- sippi; W. G. Strong, Alabama, by J. H. Keffer, Proxy; C. H. Langston, Kansas, by J. M. Langston, Proxy; Wm Nesbit, Pennsylvania, by 0. L. C. Hughes,Proxy; Win. Rich, New York, by Geo. T. Downing, Proxy; R. De Baptist, Illinois, by H. D. King, Proxy. The Committee permanently or- ganized by electing George T. Downing, President; Frederick G. Barbadoes, Secretary, and Collin Crusoe, Treasurer: the committee filled vacancies, of un- represented States and Territories. The Committee presented to the Senate on the 30th of January, a petition, asking that the bill of Hon. G. W. Julian, passed bythe House, opening up to the Homestead provisions, certain lands granted in 1856 to tbe States of Missistippi,

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