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Proceedings of the National Convention of the Colored Men of America: held in Washington, D.C., on January 13, 14, 15, and 16, 1869.

1869 National Convention in Washington DC 41.pdf

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Resolved, That we demand equality of suffrage and all political franchises in the United States; and that a petition be prepared and presented to the Congress of the United States, asking a constitutional amendment securing the right to vote without distinction of race or color.

Resolved, That the Delegates of this Convention be requested to sign the said proposed petition.

On motion, the rules were suspended, and the resolutions wore unanimously adopted.

Hon. George W. Julian, of Indiana, was called upon and addressed the Convention. Calls were made for Mr. Trimble, of Tennessee, who thanked the Convention but declined speaking.

Hon. John C. Underwood addressed the Convention briefly.

Rev. A. R. Green, of the District of Columbia, offered a resolution providing for the establishment of a national press; which was referred.

Mr. A. M. Green, of Pennsylvania, offered a resolution endorsing the American University, a Medical College, located at Philadelphia, which accepted colored men as students. Referred under the rule.

On motion, of Mr. A. M. Green, of Pennsylvania, a committee of three was appointed to revise and publish the minutes.

Messrs. Green, W. J. Wilson and J. M. Langston, was by the Chair appointed, and on motion of I. C. Weir, F. G. Barbadoes and J. Sella Martin, were added to that committee.

Mr. Martin, subsequently, declined in favor of G. T. Downing. Mr. Barbadoes, of Massachusetts, offered a resolution "that the subject of memorilization to Congress on the matter of public lands be referred to the National Executive Committee already appointed by this Convention. Adopted.

Mr. Barbadoes also submitted a resolution providing for the holding of an Educational Conventional in Harrisburg,Pennsylvania, in February next.

Mr. Turner, of Georgia, moved to amend the resolution by inserting Richmond as the place for holding the convention.

Mr. Wadkins, of Tennessee, wished the Convention to meet in Nashville.

Mr. Perry, of New York, thought a Convention should be held in New York. There were many Educational Institutions in that State, and he wished the people there to understand there were colored men in the United States fully qualified to take charge of the Educational interests of such institutions.

Mr. G. P. Rourk, of North Carolina, hoped, as Raleigh, North Carolina, was a central part of the country, they would decide to hold the Convention there, He felt sure the delegates would be welcomed in that city, and lie could point with pride to her institutions.

After remarks by Messrs. Mabson, Lindsey, and others, the resolution was amended to hold the Convention in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Mr. J. M. Langston, of Ohio, said, touching the subject of Education, they should coolly ask themselves what kind of an Educational enterprise they need? They should look to it that they go to any college or institution in the country

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