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Proceedings of the National Convention of the Colored Men of America: held in Washington, D.C., on January 13, 14, 15, and 16, 1869.

1869 National Convention in Washington DC 32.pdf

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WHEREAS a large number of worthy white men have been made honorary members of this national convention of colored citizens; and whereas the name of Mr. Roberts, of the Republic of Liberia, West Africa, was proposed as an honorary member, but voted down; and whereas that vote may be, and is already construed to signify an over-want of confidence in, and respect for one another; and shows that we are predisposed to, and distinguished for recognizing superiority in the white man; therefore

Resolved, That the vote refusing ex-President Roberts an honorary membership of this Convention, was intended only as an expression of contempt in which the old American Colonization Society is held by this Convention, and the intelligent among the colored men throughout the United States.

Resolved further, That Major Martin R; Delaney be, and he is hereby, declared an honorary member of this body.

Referred to the Business Committee.

Mr. Green, of Pennsylvania, objected to the reference as being without a precedent in this or any other Convention.

Mr. William J. Wilson, of the District of Columbia, offered a resolution respectfully requesting Congress to pass an act providing that in the payment of bounties to colored soldiers, no distinction on account of former condition shall be made, but those borne upon the muster-rolls as slaves shall receive the sanm bounties allowed to other soldiers for the same period and term of service~ Passed.

The Chair announced the following, as the


F. G. BARBADOES, Massachusetts.

G. T. DOWNING, Mew York.

WM. RICH, Rhode Island.

WM. NESBIT, Pennsylvania.

W. H. DAY, Delaware.


J. M. WILLIAMS, New Jersey.

FIELDS COOK, Virginia.

G. P. ROURK, North Carolina.

G. W. LONG, Florida.

J. M. SIMMS, Georgia.

W. G. STRONG, Alabama.

D. WADKINS, Tennessee.

W. H. GIBSON, Kentucky.


R. DEBAPTIST, Illinois.

T. W. STRINGER, Mississippi.


C. H. LANGSTON, Kansas.

COLLIN CRUSO, District of Columbia.

The Chair announced the Military Committee as follows:

Hon. H. M. Turner, Georgia; A. Ward Handy, Maryland; A. M. Green Pennsylvania; Alexander Clark, Iowa; James W. Brown, Pennsylvania, Mr. Green resigned in favor of Mr. D. D. Turner, of Pennsylvania.

Prof. S. A. Neale, of Alleghany, Pennsylvania, offered the following:

Whereas, In the upward struggle of this race of ours toward honor and recognition, little attention has been given to the acquisition of wealth as an element of power and as in this utilitarian age, wealth takes precedence as the avenue through which all the moral, religions, mental, physical reforms in the world are effected; therefore,

Be it resolved, That the National Colored Mens Convention, earnestly recommend to all Auxilliary Leagues, or other Associations throughout the country, the establishment of fund in said Associations, and from time to time deposit such sums as they can conveniently spare. Referred to Committee on Leagues.

Prof. Keale, offered the following:

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