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Proceedings of the National Convention of the Colored Men of America: held in Washington, D.C., on January 13, 14, 15, and 16, 1869.

1869 National Convention in Washington DC 30.pdf

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Mr. Barbadoes again stated that he had no personal interest or wish in the matter, other than he had already expressed, and asked the pleasure of the Convention.

Mr. Hackett moved that Rev. H. H. Garnett, to take the chair. He intended no discourtesy to Mr. Barbadoes, but offered the motion in deference to the wish and understanding of Mr. Douglass with him and other members.

After further debate, the motion was carried.

Mr. Barbadoes came forward and courteously conducted Mr. Garnett to the obair.

Mr. Garnett, on taking the chair, explained that Mr. Douglass was absent in consequence of a prior engagement to lecture in Brooklyn, New York. He stated, also, that Mr. Douglass had requested him to preside.

Rev. Mr. Gloucester, of New York, offered a resolution endorsing the Zion Standard and the Weekly Review, and asking that they be endorsed by the colored people of the United States. Referred to the Business Committee.

Mr. H. Thomas, submitted a resolution authorizing the appointment of a committee of five to prepare two addresses-one to Congress, and one to the people of the United States - setting forth the wants of the colored people. Referred to the same Committee.

Bishop Jones, of New York, offered a long preamble and resolutions, directing the Special Committee, to which was referred the subject of a National Equal Rights League, or some other appropriate committee, to consider the propriety and importance of the establishment by this Convention, either in connection with the aforesaid league, or otherwise, a national joint stock company, or some such organization as will tend more directly to the advancement of the pecuniary and material interests of our people, and report thereon at the earliest possible moment. Referred to the League Committee.

Twelve o'clock having arrived, the roll was called and part of the assessments collected.

Hon. Horace Maynard and Hon. S. M. Arnell of Tennessee, were introduced to the Convention.

The following dispatch was read:

PITTSBURG, PA., January 15.

President Colored Men's Convention:

Offered for adoption in public meeting.

Whereas we are in sympathy with our kindred and blood, and in view of advancing Republicanism, and the unsettled state of the Spanish Government,

Resolved, That we ask Congress to institute negotiations for the annexation of Cuba and Hayti, or of their acceptance of the American flag.

JOHN P. SAMPSON, President.

P.H. MURRAY, Secretary.

Referred to Business Committee.

An announcement was made by the President that General Carl Shurz had

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