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Proceedings of the National Convention of the Colored Men of America: held in Washington, D.C., on January 13, 14, 15, and 16, 1869.

1869 National Convention in Washington DC 17.pdf

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Mr. Weir, of Pennsylvania, moved as a substitute, to appoint a Committee of thirteen.

After some debate, Mr. Weir, by permission, withdrew his motion.

The motion was then amended to admit one or more from each State, and was adopted as amended.

The meeting then adjourned to meet at 10 o'clock A. M., to-morrow, after singing the Doxology, and Benediction.


THURSDAY, Jan,. 14th, 1869.

The Convention as per adjournment, assembled at Israel Church, Capitol Hill,--Frederick Douglass, Esq., of New York, Presiding.

Rev. Henry H. Garnett, of Pennsylvania, opened the exercises with prayer.

Mr. Mabson, Vice-President, from North Carolina, resigned in favor of his colleague, Mr. T. Cutler, Sr.

Rev. Mr. Garnett stated at some future time he would place in the hands of the Business Committee a resolution setting forth that this Convention shall continue to hold Annual Meetings until manhood suffrage was recognized throughout the United States, and that when they adjourn it be to meet at some time and place to be agreed upon.

Mr. G. B. Vashon, Chairman of the Committee on Credentials, reported the following names as Delegates from Alleghany city, Pennsylvania: Rev. Abraham Cole, S. A. Neale, B. F. Pulpress, J. W. Devine, Miss H. C. Johnson, and Willam Peterson; also, T. S. Boston, and Richard Smith, Massachusetts.

Mr. F. Cook objected to admitting women, as he understood the call for this Convention to be expressly for colored men.

Dr. H. J. Brown, of Maryland, was in favor of admitting Miss Johnson, the learned and accomplished lady of Alleghany. He wanted them to know that this was a progressive age, and that women would yet have a vote.

Mr. Mabson arose, when the Chair stated that he wished to announce the names of committees.

Mr. Garnett insisted on having the question of admitting Miss Johnson settled immediately.

The Chair called the gentleman to order.

The Chair then announced the following committees:


GEO. T. DOWNING, Rhode Island. F. G. BARBADOES, Massachusetts. W. H. DAY, Delaware. H. H. GARNETT, Pennsylvania. I. C. WEIR, " O. L. C. HUGHES, " G. C. HACKETT, Maryland. W. E. MATTHEWS, " J. S. MARTIN, New York. H. C. MOULSON, " J. M. WILLIAMS, New Jersey. G. W. LONG, Florida.

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