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Proceedings for the North American Convention held in Toronto, Canada, 1851


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3rd. As a means to effect this object, let your present convention establish Toronto as the head quarters or centre of operations for the North American League; and elect a President, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurer and several Directors, who shall form a Board of Managers or Executive Committee for the League. Two-thirds of whom shall be resident in Toronto, to transact the business of the League during the interim that will elapse between the annual assemblages of the North American League, which should be held every year from now henceforth—to provide for the establishment of associations of the North American League, auxiliary to the committee at Toronto, throughout the provinces of the Canadas, and in the United States. For this purpose let your convention appoint or authorize the Executive Committee of Toronto to appoint commissioners throughout the Canadas, and the United States, to superintend the formation of these auxiliary organizations and keep up a correspondence from their various localities with the Toronto Committee—let the North American League keep up traveling agents, under direction of the Toronto Committee, in the United States, Canadas and Great Britain, to present our claims to the philanthropic, and collect donations to carry our the objects of the League, and oppose the African colonization scheme.

4th. If the laws of Canada will admit of it, to provide for the incorporation of the Toronto Executive Committee as early as practicable, in order to give stability to the organization, and afford security to all contributors for the proper outlay of their money contributed.

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